Jen Shah is Accused of Alleged Affair in 2019 Restraining Order as Feds Want Judge to Consider It in RHOSLC Star’s Sentencing, Will This Lead to Harsher Sentence? Attorney Speaks

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Feds Want Jen Shah Judge to Consider 2019 Restraining Order against Her amid Upcoming Sentencing, Will This Lead to Harsher Sentence?

The Feds reportedly want Jen Shah’s judge to consider a 2019 restraining order against the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, filed by a woman who alleges Jen slept with her husband.

Jen’s sentencing is scheduled for Friday, and fans will know how long she’ll have to serve after pleading guilty to fraud.

Jen’s lawyer Priya Chaudhry told TMZ: “We have proof that this woman is lying about this alleged affair—an email from this woman to Ms. Shah’s husband dated 4 days after the restraining order in which she acknowledges that there was no affair. This scorned woman lied to the prosecutors in an attempt to exact her own revenge against Jen Shah.”

The attorney added, “Jen Shah has taken full responsibility for her mistakes and accepts that she should be punished for them. It is sad that people with an axe to grind would use this moment to detract from justice.”

According to the outlet, prosecutors want the judge to consider the woman’s account while Jen’s sentencing is being decided; this could potentially lead to more time behind bars.

The woman, who reached out to the Feds through a letter, claimed she had a restraining order against Jen in 2019.

The prosecutors purportedly want the judge to learn of the woman’s account as it is allegedly consistent with Jen’s behavior with others. The outlet says prosecutors seemingly hope it will lead to a longer sentence.

The woman claims Jen harassed and stalked her, so she filed the restraining order in Nevada four years ago. In past court docs, the woman alleged that her husband had an affair with the star, which triggered a blowout as the woman shared screenshots of the messages to Jen’s own husband, Coach Sharrieff Shah.

She also claimed Jen drove to a different state in order to approach her, arriving at the woman’s door at 2:30 in the morning. She said she called the police and eventually received a temporary restraining order. The story is unclear beyond this point.

The Feds are reportedly asking that Jen serve a decade in prison.

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