RHOSLC Recap: Heather Remains Cagey About Her Black Eye, Jen Pays Party Debt, and Feuds With Danna as Bad Weather’s Future Remains in Question

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RHOSLC Recap: Heather Remains Cagey About Her Black Eye, Jen Pays Party Debt, and Feuds With Dana as Bad Weather's Future Remains in Question

WHO IS HEATHER TRYING TO PROTECT?! And why are we STILL playing detective about her black eye? On this episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Meredith hosts a fashion show, Jen pays back some previous debts, and Whitney struggles to figure out her friendship with Heather.

It’s night three in San Diego, and the ladies are still trying to figure out the mystery of Heather’s black eye. Heather, of course, continues to dance around the subject, yet stares at Jen when she says she is “still unsure about what happened” to her eye. I bet Heather would wink at Jen if she had two good eyes… Whitney is catching onto this and begins piecing together what Heather is trying to say in code.

Heather does not want to talk about her eye anymore, so Danna jumps in because #screentime. Danna explains that she wants to be real with Jen, and so she drops a bombshell. Danna explains that she knows an informant for Jen’s case. This particular informant told Danna to be careful around Jen, and because Danna trusts this person, she feels like she has been awkward around Jen all weekend.

Jen shrieks that if Danna “wants to bring it, she better take it to the finish line.” Jen becomes livid because Danna is discussing her legal issues, which may or may not be coming from a reliable source. Naturally, Jen storms off (because what else does a Housewife do in those situations), but Danna gets real with the remaining girls at the table.

Whitney explains to Danna that they all dance around Jen to avoid confrontation, especially when it comes to Jen’s case. Meredith cannot believe that Danna would talk about things that “would threaten” Jen’s “freedom” when Danna is simply a guest of a guest (they love to throw that zinger out there), and she excuses herself from the group to go console Jen with Heather.

Jen is attempting to be upset about what Danna said, and she states that she thought things were cool between her and Danna. Jen even gave Danna a box of hair dye to help a sister out with all those gray hairs. If that’s not friendship, then I don’t know what is… (eye-roll).

Danna tells the remaining girls at the table that there HAS to be something on Jen because why else would the FBI be putting so much effort into this case? Whitney gets to thinking (scary, I know), and she says that if Jen does go away, she would be willing to have a “conjugal” visit with her. LOL, Whitney.

Meanwhile, Jen stews while Meredith and Heather try and calm her down. I’m fairly certain that, in an effort to keep the black eye storyline afloat, Heather tells Jen that she should tell the girls, “Why don’t we talk about how Heather really got that black eye?” WAIT — did Heather just admit that Jen hit her?! Meredith is aghast.

Jen returns to the table for what appears to be round II.  She has evidently prepped her fist in case anyone steps out of line since we now all (seemingly) know what she is capable of. Jen questions Danna’s mystery informant, but Danna claims that she only told Jen out of honesty.

The group is back in SLC, and Meredith is prepping for the fundraiser for ADR, her sister’s new foundation. Meredith explains that it is a mental health and addiction foundation, so there obviously needs to be a Brooks Marks fashion show involved. Meredith is so excited (you would never know it based on her monotone voice), and she ponders what ladies will be attending the event after learning that Whitney won’t be able to make it. Meredith is curious how Lisa will be at the event, considering their relationship is rocky.

Heather pays a visit to her notorious bestie Angie H. Angie asks Heather outright if she has any recollection about her eye. Angie is onto Heather, but again, Heather dances around the black eye. Angie knows that Jen does have a temper, and she repeatedly tells Heather she does not need to protect anyone.

Whitney is ready to let go of the bad and focus on the positive. As she browses through some old photos, she calls her half-brother. Whitney realizes that as she is growing, some people (Heather) simply may not grow with her.

Jen FaceTimes with her therapist, and she discusses the many emotions she is experiencing. She gets deeper into depression and anxiety, so her therapist reminds her to set up the support she will need as her future looms. As Jen talks to her therapist about her husband and kids, all I could wonder is how can we get our hands on that 2022 DIARY next to her computer, and what secrets could possibly be in there?

Meredith’s fashion show fundraiser is underway, and she has high hopes of it going well since the cause is so near and dear to her. When Meredith sees Danna and Angie K., she says the trip was “a lot.” She tells the ladies she is not “mad” about their behavior (the mad count is up to five times, and we allll know any time a person says they are not mad, they are 100% mad). She reminds Danna that she was on the trip because Meredith got her there (ouch), and after ripping them a new one, Meredith sends them on their way.

Lisa knows that Meredith does not like her, but she came to support mental health awareness. However, Meredith only believes Lisa showed up so she can pose for social media and save face.

It turns out that Jen asked Angie K. for an invoice from the party Angie threw for Coach (all $13,000 of it), and Jen wants to pay her back. It’s not a good look to knowingly owe people money, especially when you’re about to be on trial for scamming.

Lisa, Angie, and Danna are talking about how Angie H. called Jen. They simply cannot believe that Jen agreed to a sit-down to discuss the events caused by the Harringtons that made her attempt suicide. Danna states that Jen is not a good person OR a good friend, and she needs to be consistent, or else it’s dangerous.

Meredith in her sequined suit during the daytime hours is everything. She addresses her pride for her sister and nephew and then a fabulous fashion show ensues. After the show, Jen and Coach get Angie K. and her husband aside to settle the score, if you will. Coach did not want to be indebted to anyone, and it is cringey and embarrassing. Angie is right to say she better go cash that check before the government freezes Jen’s account…

The next day, Heather goes over to her ex-friend Whitney’s house. At one point, Bad Weather was a force to be reckoned with, but now, because of Whitney proclaiming a friendship break, things are just not the same. Whitney tells Heather she is worried about her despite the weird space they are in. Heather is shocked to learn that Whitney cares about her well-being. Heather reminds Whitney that she does not even know what’s going on in her life, up to and including what caused the black eye.

Whitney tries every tactic to figure out how Heather got the injury, but Heather isn’t budging.  She is holding that eye over Whitney like Danna dangles Jen’s informant. Whitney wants to be Heather’s safe place (after she told Heather earlier in the season that SHE wasn’t a safe place for Whitney), and Heather laughs and says, “Jen’s boob [gave her the black eye]. It’s a force of nature.”

In all seriousness, Heather tells Whitney, “I don’t know if I would tell you cuz the trust has been broken.” Whitney essentially begs Heather to tell her, but Heather is standing her ground. She is really hurt by this friendship break, and she tells her their friendship can never be as strong as it once was. In true breakup fashion, Heather tells Whitney, “Let’s just love each other and give each other space.” And I am pretty sure Whitney is more upset about not finding out who gave Heather the black eye than their friendship ending…