Lisa Rinna Shares Post Suggesting RHOBH Might Be a “Disaster” Without Her as Fan Wonders How Show Will Move on Without Her “Stirring up S**t”

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Lisa Rinna Shares Quote Suggesting Her RHOBH Exit Could Be a “Disaster,” as Fan Wonders How Show Will Move on without Lisa "Stirring up S**t"

Lisa Rinna seems to be sharing her true thoughts on her recent departure from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In two separate posts, the star suggested her exit could be a disaster for the show.

In the latest season, Lisa stoked the wrath of many fans who felt she created a rift in the relationship of sisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton. After an infamous Aspen trip, Lisa claimed Kathy threatened her sister and Bravo. Kathy vehemently denied the allegations, and many viewers believe Lisa intentionally stirred up drama.

On her Instagram Stories, Lisa shared a Daily Beast article about her exit from the show, which suggested it may be ominous for the series.

“Lisa Rinna’s Exit From Real Housewives Could Be a Disaster,” read the headline shared by Lisa, hinting that the show is stronger with her.

Lisa then shared another quote from the author:

“My apologies to everyone who, at 6:20 pm ET on Thursday, had their eardrums blown out by my shriek of surprise after learning of Rinna’s departure,” wrote Kevin, in a screenshot of Lisa’s post, shared by @allabouttrh on Instagram.

“I really believed that the only things certain in life were death, taxes, and Lisa Rinna stirring up sh*t on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Lisa’s posts suggest her belief that the show will suffer without her presence. Without a doubt, Lisa’s ability to induce drama was a driving force in the last few seasons. Will the prediction prove to be right? Or will the show survive without her?