Captain Sandy Yawn Reacts to Camille Lamb Calling Her “Sandy Sue Sue” on Below Deck, Weighs in on Drama With Alissa

by Josh Ramsey
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Captain Sandy Yawn Responds to Camille Lamb Calling Her “Sandy Sue Sue” on Below Deck, Weighs in on Drama With Alissa

Credit: Bravo

Camille Lamb has been wreaking havoc all over the place during this season of Below Deck. From making out with Ben Willoughby when she should be working to constantly inciting conflict with co-star Alissa Humber, Camille hasn’t made it easy.

Yet she took it one step further on the latest episode of the show when she childishly insulted Captain Sandy Yawn and called her “Sandy Sue Sue” behind her back after she was told to clean up her act or she would be fired by the Below Deck Mediterranean captain.

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live on January 9, Andy Cohen asked for Captain Sandy’s take on Camille and her name-calling.

“Lack of respect,” Sandy responded.

A lack of respect is something Camille has consistently struggled with as she’s butted heads with both Alissa and bosun Ross McHarg. Camille is the franchise’s first-ever dual stew/deckhand position, and she has struggled. So much so that Captain Sandy eventually had to relegate her to the interior crew only. And even then, Camille wasn’t happy.

Captain Sandy also said that she didn’t realize that there was so much tension between Camille and Alissa when she came aboard to fill in for Captain Lee Rosbach, who had to leave early in the charter season due to health concerns.

“Honestly, I didn’t know about the tension,” she said. “It was my first charter, so you gotta get through at least one before you start firing people.”

It sounds like Camille’s days may be numbered.

Season 10 of Below Deck is currently airing Monday nights at 8 P.M EST on Bravo.