VIDEO: See Below Deck Season 10 Midseason Trailer! Captain Lee is Back and Camille Lamb Returns, Plus Fraser Olender is Singled Out by Captain Sandy

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VIDEO: See Below Deck Season 10 Midseason Trailer! Captain Lee is Back and Camille Lamb Returns, Plus Fraser Olender is Singled Out by Captain Sandy

Credit: Laurent Bassett/Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach has returned to the St. David.

In the just-dropped midseason trailer for season 10 of Below Deck, everyone’s favorite “Stud of the Sea” is seen taking back his post as captain and whipping his crew into shape after taking a hiatus from his duties earlier this season due to ongoing health issues.

In the trailer, Captain Lee exclaims that he’s “back where he belongs.”

“It’s like riding a bike, but it’s a big bike,” he says in a confessional. He later tells the group during one of his first tip meetings back, “Now get your a**es back to work,” showing he hasn’t lost his touch.

And Captain Lee is not the only crew member to be making a grand re-entrance. To the shock of her former coworkers, recently fired stew Camille Lamb is seen sauntering back to the boat for what appears to be another rendezvous with Ben Willoughby.

“You look f***ing great,” Ben tells Camille as he embraces her. The scene then cuts to a dinner outing with the rest of the cast, and Camille’s presence seems frigid at best.

The interpersonal relationships between other cast members are strained as well. Alissa Humber is seemingly calling out Katie Glaser for having “no self-respect.” Plus, it looks as though Katie calls out bosun Ross McHarg for being a “stupid a** drunk.”

The interior crew is looking to be headed toward trouble as well. So far this season, chief stew Fraser Olender has seemingly been singlehandedly holding his interior crew together by a thread. However, the interim captain, Below Deck Med’s Sandy Yawn, is seen taking the chief stew down a peg, telling him not to get too comfortable in his position.

“I know you feel nice and secure here,” she tells him in the teaser. “But when you create a cancer on the boat, the fish stinks at the head, and right now, you’re that head.”

Elsewhere in the trailer, Sandy and Fraser get into an argument that Captain Sandy abruptly shuts down, telling Fraser to “stop talking.”

After his stern talking to, Fraser seems more than happy to get Captain Lee back. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Fraser spoke highly of Captain Lee’s return.

“Captain does come back and sort of ends his season as I wish he could have fulfilled the whole thing,” he said. “We nail the season with a bang, and I think it was just such a great sense of — to be reunited with Captain, and to continue smashing these charters together, and then to end the season on a high. I couldn’t be more grateful for it,” Fraser told the outlet.

Though the season might “end with a bang,” Fraser also teased that there is way more drama to come before the charter season ends, noting he’s nervous for it to air.

“There’s a lot to come,” Fraser said. “I’m a bit worried about it, but there’s a hell of a lot of coming our way, and if people thought Camille [getting fired] was a big deal, then they’ve got a whole a lot of surprises.”

Check out the trailer below:


Below Deck airs Monday nights at 8 P.M. EST on Bravo.