Paige DeSorbo Shares What Gave Her the “Ick” With Craig Conover as Craig Speaks and Austen Weighs in

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 ‘Summer House’ Paige DeSorbo Shares What Gave Her “the Ick” With Craig Earlier in Their Relationship as Craig Speaks and Austen Weighs in

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Paige DeSorbo shared why her boyfriend, Craig Conover, gave her an “ick” at the beginning of their romance. The Summer House and Southern Charm stars began seeing each other in the summer of 2021, though they didn’t become exclusive until that fall.

Recently, the couple’s relationship was seemingly tested on Winter House, when castmates from both their respective shows met up for a vacation in Vermont. At the time, Paige was upset over Craig’s on-screen behavior.

On an episode of Craig’s “Pillows and Beer” podcast with co-host Austen Kroll, Paige revealed what first bothered her about Craig.

“I had an ick from Craig,” Paige shared, via Heavy. “When Craig first busted out flip flops, I was like ‘ugh,’ … And now I’ve just like … that’s one of those icks that has turned into just an annoyance that I live with.”

Craig’s castmate Austen confessed that “Craig wearing flip flops with pants is an ick for me as well.” Craig claimed he no longer has this habit, and said a “real ick” occurs when someone can’t move past it.

“A real ick is something that would keep you from dating someone,” said Craig, though he couldn’t identify an example of this in his own dating history.

Austen and Paige were surprised by Craig’s failure to recall an example because he seems to be annoyed by small, odd things about people.

The 35-year-old explained, “I’ll mention some guy’s name, and Craig’s like, ‘yeah, I don’t like him.’ I’m like, ‘why?’ He’s like, ‘ugh he wears that v-cut shirt, and I just hate it.’” Austen said he himself gets an ick when someone he’s been dating for a short time acts like a girlfriend.

Although Paige and Craig have been exclusive for over a year, Craig said he never really asked Paige to be his girlfriend.

Imagining how it must feel to ask that question, Paige expressed, “That must be so nerve-wracking … What do you say when you’re like, ‘Hey, will you be my girlfriend?’”

Craig didn’t have an answer, as he’s “never done it.” Paige laughingly said she got “hoodwinked,” and was “pissed.”

Her boyfriend responded, “I told you you were my girlfriend. Once you hang out long enough, you just know.”