RHOSLC Reunion 2 Recap: Heather Denies Black Eye Was From Sex Injury and Addresses Friendship Break With Whitney, Plus Jen Solicited Money for Legal Fees

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RHOSLC Reunion Recap: Heather Denies Her Black Eye Was from a Sex Injury; Whitney Calls Heather a "Master Debater;" Plus, Jen Solicited Money for Legal Fees

This season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is officially coming to a close with part two of the reunion. Some interesting tidbits get revealed, and Heather is recanting her “ride or die” level of friendship with Jen. Can the four ladies move forward, or will they live in the shadows of this rollercoaster season?

The ‘friends of’ are still taking up space on the couch, and Angie K. is still trying to push the Barbie scissor kicks narrative. Angie explains that, according to “some” people, sexual relations between Heather and Jen may have occurred, thus causing Heather’s black eye. Heather states, “It wasn’t a sex injury, and if it was, I don’t remember,” which is a typical response for amnesia Heather. She believes that “whatever happened to” her, she “deserved it.” Heather continues to stay in the “shame spiral” of her black eye until it’s time for a break.

The B-team exits just in time for Whitney‘s segment. She begins talking about her physical manifestations and memory recall work since she always knew there was something else going on. She did not appreciate the cast members and viewers questioning her history and her healing process. Whitney is particularly salty with Heather, who called her journey “childish, foolish, and sloppy.”

Heather claims she would never dismiss Whitney’s feelings about her trauma; however, Whitney is not ready to forgive Heather. Bad Weather’s friendship break becomes the focal point of the reunion. Currently, things are still not good between Heather and Whitney. Whitney still feels like Heather is lying about the Lisa rumors, and she calls Heather a “master debater.”

Whitney claims “the details are gonna trip us up,” but um, no, Whitney. The LIES are gonna trip ya’ll up. Heather admits she holds Whitney to a higher standard than Jen — that’s why she is so hurt by Whitney’s break. That standard for Jen must be pretttty low. I mean, Jen MAY have punched Heather in the eye, but hey — they’re still besties. Whereas Whitney calls Heather a liar, and boom — friendship over.

Heather explains that Whitney’s newfound friendship with Lisa made her tentative to trust her, and Lisa jumps in to remind Heather that Jen talks mad sh*t about Heather, too. Lisa even whips out the receipts to demonstrate all the instances where Jen gossiped.

Whitney states that she had to put up boundaries to keep Heather at a safe distance since time after time she has felt this friendship is very one-sided. Whitney even said during her podcast that Heather continues to “hide behind a disguise of manipulation and gaslighting.”

According to Whitney, it’s an issue of loyalty to Jen vs. loyalty to Whitney. Heather admits that she is not using the term “ride or die” anymore to describe her friendship with Jen, but instead, she is still processing the news. Heather explains that she was more vulnerable this season, and so she was not as stable as she was last year. I’ll say… Meredith jumps in to say how rewatching the season teaches everyone lessons — wonder what Meredith will learn after seeing her constant RBF this reunion??

Heather explains that she is in litigation with the Church, and she becomes tearful worrying about how her family will react to the story she tells in her book. Despite hearing the whole story with Whitney, Heather claims she is “trying to receive” it. Odd that Whitney is looking for reparations when she was the one who wanted that friendship break, but I digress.

Over lunch, Whitney claims that Heather is playing the victim card, and Lisa cannot even figure out who Heather is nowadays since she is so subdued.

The husbands join the ladies on set, and it feels like a stretch to include them in the reunion. We learn that Justin thinks being unemployed is “pretty awesome,” and Lisa and John do not feel like they are spoiling their son Jack, despite putting him on private planes and buying him a Range Rover.

Seth discusses the awkward moment he had with Lisa at Coach’s birthday party. Lisa jumps in and explains that she wanted Seth to know she was truly sorry for her last-season-tirade. When asked about Meredith spreading rumors of infidelity in their marriage, John replies that Meredith was simply on “a crusade to retaliate toward Lisa.”

John makes it clear that he has never said anything fresh about Meredith, but she wonders why Seth allows his wife to make fun of Lisa. Justin, aka Dr. Phil, inserts himself and believes he can be the glue to get the guys back together again. Sounds like someone is desperately trying to stay relevant… As fast as the hubbies came on, they were excused. I guess it’s important to note that it seems as though Seth and Lisa share the same self-tanner, so that’s relationship progress, right?

Andy sets the viewers up and reminds us that (unfortunately) the most exciting part of the season happened off-camera. “After claiming innocence for over a year, Jen pled guilty.” Heather is the first to talk, and she explains that it was hard for Jen to realize these charges were real and not part of the show, considering she was arrested on the show and everything unraveled while she was a reality TV personality.

Meredith reminds Andy that Jen is still a human being, and she always roots for the underdog, which is why she is still (shockingly) in Jen’s corner. Everyone has a hard time figuring out how this relationship between Meredith and Lisa took a 180, considering last season Meredith seemed to “gloat” about Jen’s arrest.

Meredith explains that she was informed that Jen tried to commit suicide, and therefore, she was not going to mess with the situation. Meredith is sticking to Jen’s fragile mental state, but Andy is still trying to understand her justification. Meredith believes she cannot make a hard choice until Jen’s sentencing. Lisa reminds Meredith that she is “rewriting history” since last season she acted as the judge and the jury toward Jen (a Lisa Barlow quote).

Meredith refuses to speak to anything regarding Jen’s innocence or guilt, and even Andy states, “I think it’s wild.” He then point-blank asks Meredith if she is “scared” of Jen coming after her if she speaks on the subject. Meredith retorts that, OBVIOUSLY, she is not scared of Jen (roll those tapes of last season when Meredith came in hot), and then she drops a bombshell.

Jen’s sealed indictment was issued the day the show was first announced at BravoCon. Meredith claims that she read that information somewhere… interesting. Heather says she will look in on Jen’s kids and Coach and that perhaps she will be her pen pal.

Whitney wonders if Coach had knowledge about Jen’s fraudulent behavior, and of course, Heather denies Coach knew ANYTHING. Instead, Heather feels like Coach and Jen thought it was not worth rolling the dice with a jury, especially considering the financial strain of the legal fees adding up.

Heather explains Jen solicited money from people on that couch (cuz scammers gonna scam) and then shares that Angie Harrington gave money toward Jen’s case. Heather further states that there was hesitation to help — fishy considering ShahXposed and how quickly that whole mess went away. Coincidence? I think not…

Lisa becomes as upset as Lisa can with her crocodile tears talking about Jen — the good times and the bad times. Whereas Whitney is “cried out” this season and isn’t shedding any tears over Jen.

The final moments of the reunion bring about an emotional Heather. The biggest regret of the season for Heather is staying up to party after the club… the shame she carries with that black eye is heavy, and she has to heal before she can let it go.

Whitney wishes she waited until she was sober to have the conversation surrounding the rumors, but she is disappointed that Heather doesn’t regret their friendship breaking up when she was asked by Andy.

Meredith wishes she could be more clear and more careful with her words. And Lisa won’t call it a regret, but she wishes she had more boundaries with Jen. Champagne comes out, and Andy attempts to wrap up the season with a “go Jazz” toast in a nod to blowjobs for courtside tickets. A cake gets brought out to celebrate Lisa and Meredith’s birthdays, and we are blessed with one last singing moment of Lisa Barlow. Here’s to hoping these friendships can heal and cheers to leaving the country for cast trips next season!