Kyle Richards Talks “New Dynamic” on RHOBH After Rinna’s Exit and Moving on From “Toxicity” as Her Daughters Defend Bikini Pic

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Kyle Richards Shares How She Feels Ahead of RHOBH Filming, Talks “New Dynamic” After Rinna’s Exit as Her Daughters Defend Bikini Pic Amid Ozempic Rumors

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Kyle Richards says she hopes to “move on” from “toxicity” as the cast prepares to film season thirteen. Meanwhile, her daughters recently defended her amid speculation she’s using Ozempic for weight loss.

Last season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle saw a fracture in her relationship with sister Kathy Hilton, after Lisa Rinna claimed she threatened Kyle and Bravo. According to reports, the siblings are still not speaking to one other.

In an interview with HollywoodLife, Kyle shared how she feels as they prepare to film again. “I think I’m looking forward to just moving on really,” said the 54-year-old. “Last season was a very, very difficult season.”

She went on to say, “So I just want to move on from the negativity and the toxicity … And get back to you know, having a good time. And our relationships and growing more together as a group.” The star expressed her desire to “bring in some positivity” for the season.

“I mean, I’m not in the mood to take anybody’s BS,” she added. “So that’s an energy I’m bringing. And I really just want to get back to having fun. So you know, I’ve had seasons where I have had so much fun. I’ve laughed the whole time. And of course, a couple of tears here and there. But this one was just so rough. I just want to get back to you know, having fun again and a woman having a good time.”

Kyle also thinks Lisa made the correct decision in departing from the show.

“I think that the show can be very difficult. And you know, I understand that,” said the star. “Sometimes you need a break. And [Lisa] was great on the show, and she will be missed. And you never know what happens in the future. So we’ll see.”

With Lisa out, Kyle thinks a “new dynamic” will develop in the cast. “The dynamic is always changing each season as cast members come and go and, you know, alliances change, and people learn and grow, hopefully,” she explained. “So, yes, of course, there will be a new dynamic. Absolutely.”

Recently, Kyle uploaded a bikini pic from a vacation in Mexico – and fans commented with speculation about her weight loss. Kyle’s daughters defended the star, who continually denies using Ozempic to shed pounds. She insists her diet and workout routine triggered the transformation.

“I’m so tired of these celebrities on Ozempic trying to pass off their sudden drastic transformation as diet and exercise alone. Nobody cares if you’re on Ozempic. We do care if you lie and mislead people into thinking these results are attainable through diet and exercise alone in a short time frame,” said one fan, via Heavy.

“The reason people are asking for the true honesty in how this was accomplished is so we can stop feeling gaslit. Denying the unlimited money and access to spend on procedures, trainers, chefs, and medications can make people feel bad about themselves when ‘cutting alcohol and carbs’ doesn’t do the same thing for them,” another expressed.

Kyle’s daughters then entered the chat to stand up for their mother.

“loling at everyone thinking this CANT JUST BE a result of a healthier lifestyle. girl… sounds like slay,” commented Alexia Umansky, who stars in Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills.

“Hard work paying off I [see] you,” said Farrah Aldjufrie, Kyle’s oldest, who is also in the Netflix cast.

Despite her daughters’ support, fan speculation about Kyle’s alleged use of Ozempic seems to be growing.