Alissa Humber Addresses Below Deck Firing & Calls Out Show’s Double Standards, Plus Why She May Not Attend Reunion

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Alissa Humber Hints at Why She May Not Show Up to Below Deck Reunion After Firing as She Calls Out Show’s Double Standards and Shares If She’d Ever Join OnlyFans

Credit: Laurent Bassett/Bravo

After a dramatic firing, Alissa Humber revealed she may not “show up” to the Below Deck season 10 reunion. The star also shared if she’d ever consider joining OnlyFans.

In the latest episode, Captain Sandy Yawn fired Alissa after she allegedly showed disrespectful behavior. Many fans felt the termination was fast compared to the firing of Camille Lamb, who continually was accused of laziness and insubordination before she left the boat.

Following her firing, Alissa took to Instagram and hinted she may not attend the upcoming reunion.

“If I don’t show up for the reunion (I became extremely unhealthy mentally during and following the show) this is what I would’ve harped on,” wrote Alissa.

She then shared a telling comment from @brutally_honest88.

“It’s crazy that Camille could speak to [Fraser Olender], Ross [McHarg] and Rachel [Hargrove] disrespectfully and not do her job plus drink expensive client alcohol but she gets fifty-eleven chances,” said the user. “But Sandy … trying to find a problem with the interior crew [before] you stick up for them and it’s immediate insubordination and you get let go … I’m tired of ppl saying race isn’t a factor on these shows.”

The fan questioned why Ross was asked to escort Alissa off the yacht while Camille was allowed the “luxury of gallivanting around the boat after.”

They also called out the “toxic environment with someone who was actually insubordinate.”

“You were never given the opportunity to reset,” they continued, addressing Alissa, “and I’m sorry for you and all the black people in these environments who go through the same thing.”

Image credit: @brutally_honest88/Instagram via @alissaveronicaa/Instagram

In the same evening, Alissa shared if she would ever consider joining OnlyFans — a subscription service that often produces adult content.

“Y’all f**king wish,” Alissa responded. “Not happening.”

The former second stew ended her post with a broken heart emoji.

Image credit: @alissaveronicaa/Instagram

Image credit: @alissaveronicaa/Instagram

Below Deck season 10 is currently airing Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.