Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard Shares Update With Danielle After Falling Out as Carl Confirms Danielle and Robert Sieber Have Split

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Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard Reveals She’s No Longer Speaking to Danielle After Falling Out as Carl Confirms Danielle and Robert Sieber Have Split

Lindsay Hubbard is still reeling from the fallout with her former best friend and co-star, Danielle Olivera, as season seven of Summer House recently kicked off.

As seen in the season seven trailer, Lindsay and Danielle’s friendship seemingly begins to implode over Danielle’s reservations about Lindsay’s relationship with her fiancé, Carl Radke. Things became so bad that Lindsay recently revealed that the two are no longer on speaking terms. Carl also let it slip that the relationship between Danielle and her boyfriend, Chef Robert Sieber, has “fizzled out.”

“We’re not in communication,” Lindsay told Entertainment Tonight while promoting Summer House alongside Carl. “I think we both needed a lot of time to process our feelings and emotions.”

Lindsay continued by adding that she’s still “not quite over” what went down between the two last summer, and she says that until she “gets to point where [she’s] ready to forgive,” there’s “no point in talking.”

The Summer House star explained that she couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment when her and Danielle’s friendship began to take a turn. However, Carl believes it may have stemmed from Danielle’s relationship with Chef Robert ending and jealousy creeping in as Carl and Lindsay’s relationship flourished.

“[Lindsay’s] been a really good friend. She has tried with Danielle. She’s been that person for Danielle to support her, to talk to her about whatever’s going on in her life,” Carl said. “Danielle’s been in a relationship with Robert, I don’t know if it’s still going or not. They’re not together, that’s what we’re told. But Danielle was in a relationship with a serious chef, and she traveled around. There was no animosity about her going away. We did the best we could.”

Carl continued by calling the whole situation “sad.”

“Unfortunately, when you get into a more serious relationship, people are very focused on that and grow up a little bit more and it doesn’t seem like Danielle has been fully supportive of that growth or change,” he mused.

Lindsay says she “100 percent” wants a reconciliation to happen between her and Danielle, and she has high hopes the two can “recover” from their fallout.

“This wasn’t just a ‘best friend’ title, like, ‘Oh, we film a TV show together and I’ll hang out with you during the summertime and then not really see you during the other seasons…'” she said. “This was, like, actual best friend in everyday real life.”

Carl concluded the interview by saying that his “only hope” for Summer House is that it changes him and Lindsay for the better and allows them to “evolve.”

Summer House airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.