Aesha Scott Suggests Captain Lee Shouldn’t Have Returned to Below Deck as He Reportedly Quits Show After 10 Seasons and Will be Replaced by Captain Kerry

by Josh Ramsey
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Aesha Scott Suggests Captain Lee Shouldn’t Have Returned to Below Deck Amid Health Struggles as He Officially Quits Show After 10 Seasons and Will be Replaced by Captain Kerry

Below Deck Mediterranean star Aesha Scott claims Captain Lee Rosbach should have stepped away from his captain duties amid his ongoing health issues, which are currently playing out on season 10 of Below Deck. She also says his ego was probably hurt after Captain Sandy Yawn took over the reins.

The chief stew says that she feels for Captain Lee, but his pride should have taken a back seat, and he should have focused on the needs of the boat and charter season.

“I feel like he shouldn’t have even started to come back for this season anyway because he does have a lot of trouble walking,” Aesha explained while appearing on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef.

“He is getting old and it’s always better to kind of leave on a high than trying to keep clawing on,” she continued. “Now he’s had to leave in this way that would probably be quite embarrassing to him.”

Speaking of claws, Captain Lee has been in a back-and-forth online feud with Captain Sandy after she fired stew Camille Lamb this season and didn’t follow “protocol,” according to Lee, by not letting him know beforehand.

Captain Sandy has clapped back multiple times, claiming she let Captain Lee know of the termination afterward as a “courtesy,” and she asserted that she even reached out to Captain Lee to hash out their differences, but he has yet to return her calls.

Aesha believes Captain Lee to be “old school,” and having a female captain come in and replace him mid-season “crushed his ego.”

“I think he’s such an old school salty sea dog and the fact that a younger woman captain is coming in to take over — I just feel like that would’ve crushed his ego,” she conjectured. “I knew that walking off there, he would’ve been swearing under his breath. I knew that would really affect him.”

It seems Captain Lee’s ego may have just taken another hit as multiple inside sources have revealed that the long-time captain’s tenure is coming to an end after season 10.

Per sources at Us Weekly, season 11 of Below Deck will see Below Deck Adventure’s Captain Kerry Titheradge taking over the wheel for Captain Lee.

No specific reasons have been given for Captain Lee’s exit, but it’s fair to assume that it stems from health issues. He has always maintained that he would stay on the show until he was forced off.

As Captain Kerry gets ready for a new Below Deck journey, he shared the words of encouragement that Captain Lee gave him during BravoCon last year ahead of Below Deck Adventure’s premiere.

“We got to chat and he’s like, ‘Man, you’re gonna do great. You’re gonna do really good. I can see it. You’re gonna do fantastic in this franchise.’”