RHUGT: Brandi Glanville’s Attorney Demands Release of Audio Footage to Prove She Did Not Harass Caroline Manzo, Makes Claim About Production Company

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Brandi Glanville Attorney Demands Release of Audio Footage which Allegedly Proves She Did Not Harass Caroline Manzo, Claims Production Company “Instructed” Brandi to Not Seek “Legal Representation”

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Brandi Glanville’s attorney is demanding the release of audio footage from Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, which allegedly proves Brandi did not harass her castmate, Caroline Manzo.

Recently, Caroline reportedly claimed Brandi touched her without consent in the genital and breast area while off-camera in Morocco. This triggered an investigation by the production company.

According to Page Six, Brandi’s lawyers sent a letter demanding that Warner Bros. (which owns Shed Media, the production company that makes the Peacock show) release the video and audio tapes.

The attorney said Shed Media should have immediately released audio footage from the castmates’ microphones to show that Caroline’s allegations were not justified.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that your company would knowingly and willingly allow such a story to take hold in the media, without any regard for the truth or the impact on Ms. Glanville’s reputation,” said attorney Duncan P. Levin, Esq. via the letter written to Warner Bros. investigator Samantha Mirabello, Warner Bros. attorney Demian West, Esq., and Shed’s SVP of programming and development Lisa Shannon.

Caroline has not yet offered a public comment regarding the allegations.

The attorney indicated that the decision to not share the footage amid news reports was a “cynical ploy for ratings.”

For weeks, both Brandi and Caroline’s respective supporters have asserted that the audio footage will verify their version of what took place.

Per the letter, Duncan is demanding that Warner Bros. release the audio now.

According to the allegation, Brandi, Caroline, and two other co-stars entered a bathroom, where Brandi allegedly pinned her against a wall and touched her inappropriately over the clothing.

“In that bathroom, as the audio will confirm, nothing inappropriate or illegal whatsoever occurred. As you know both from your [investigation] and the audio and video that you possess, the four women washed their hands before returning to the party where they enjoyed some food and chatted,” wrote Duncan. “Throughout, Ms. Manzo appeared to be having a great time and didn’t telegraph any signs whatsoever that she wanted Ms. Glanville to leave her side. Overall, the entire incident was comprised of some flirtatious conduct and kissing between Ms. Manzo and Ms. Glanville, and all of it was absolutely mutual and consensual.”

The document alleged that the studio is “aware that three eyewitnesses corroborate her actions; yet, Shed Media and Warners Brothers has [sic] chosen to sit idly by and let this false narrative continue.”

Castmates Gretchen Rossi and Alex McCord are identified as two eyewitnesses in the letter. The third eyewitness is not yet clear.

According to the letter, Caroline in no way discouraged Brandi from the alleged touching, was “outspoken about her liberal views on sex,” and offered to let co-stars touch her breasts in order to show they were not implants.

“Not only did the eyewitnesses ask Ms. Manzo if she was OK, to which she responded with a smile and thumbs up, but, after the alleged bathroom incident, when the group returned to the dinner table,” said Duncan, “Ms. Manzo made a lighthearted comment to the eyewitnesses about having been kissed by a girl before but never having ‘kissed back’ until now.”

“The night in question was one that was egged on by your own producers, who, earlier in the same day, encouraged Ms. Glanville to bring some ‘excitement’ to the party,” Duncan continued. “When Ms. Manzo arrived at the main house, the two women spent time together, enjoying some shots, laughter, and dancing with the other women. It is beyond contention that you provided non-stop alcohol and an environment where the participants were drinking and smoking marijuana all day and night.”

The document asserts that Brandi was sent home by Shed, who – after realizing the star wasn’t guilty – “is now attempting to insinuate that Ms. Glanville engaged in sexual harassment with an entirely different individual, a producer” to justify Brandi’s exit from RHUGT.

The outlet previously reported that Brandi allegedly expressed her desire to have sex with a producer. The star has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Duncan added that Shed “instructed Glanville not to seek legal representation or to attempt to correct the public record.” These directions, according to the attorney, are “unacceptable” and “disturbing.”

Page Six said reps for Shed Media, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros., and Caroline have declined to comment.