Peter Madrigal Slams “Home Wrecker” Raquel and “Narcissistic” Sandoval, Admits He ‘Dismissed’ Signs of Their Affair and Wonders if Raquel Used Him as “Ploy”

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Peter Madrigal Slams “Home Wrecker” Raquel and “Narcissistic” Sandoval, Admits He ‘Dismissed’ Signs of Their Affair and Wonders if Raquel Used Him as “Ploy”

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Peter Madrigal slammed Raquel Leviss as a “home wrecker” and Tom Sandoval as a “narcissistic,” and he clapped back at being called a “starter pony” amid his brief dating history with Raquel, which allegedly occurred during her reported affair with Tom. He also wondered if Raquel used him as a “ploy.”

Vanderpump Rules fans exploded with the report that Tom and Raquel had a sexual relationship while he was still in a relationship with Ariana Madix, who’d been his girlfriend for nine years.

Speaking with the Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast, Peter clapped back at Raquel’s alleged ‘starter pony’ diss.

“The starter pony’s speaking up. I don’t mind owning it now,” said Peter. “Who the hell are you to call me a starter pony? … Well, you’re a home wrecker.”

When asked if he saw any signs of Raquel and Sandoval’s romance, Peter answered, “I kind of dismissed it. I saw some things [with him and Raquel] and I was all like, ‘Yeah but Sandoval is loyal to Ariana. He would never do something like that’ … like you see something and you’re like — I’m not gonna get into details about what I saw — but it’s like, [I thought] he would never do that … It’s kind of a shocker.”

Peter explained that he would see Tom and Raquel “being around each other with no Ariana.”

He also wondered if he was being used while dating Raquel. “Was I just used as a ploy or like a — what do you call it? — a distraction.”

The star added, “I think in the back of my mind, there was something else going on, which is now confirmed pretty much … she was already picking her next target, or Tom was already like, texting her or something. I don’t know. But there was something going on already.”

He eventually stated, “I thought [Raquel] was a good person, but then again, I hardly knew her … We went on a couple of dates and I didn’t really know her.”

Regarding the sexual video Raquel allegedly sent Tom, Peter expressed, “I understand if Ariana’s devastated right now, you know, cause that is very shocking … I’m very disappointed in Sandoval for that. Cause at least if you’re having problems in your relationship, the best thing to do is break it off and then move on.”

What does Peter think of the rumor that Scheana Shay punched Raquel after learning of the affair?

“Now people are trying to say that that didn’t happen, that Scheana didn’t punch Raquel, that Raquel had that black eye before [Watch What Happens Live]. I saw that today. I’m like, well, why would she have a black eye before Watch What Happens Live? That doesn’t make sense to me … All of a sudden she turns out with a black eye. If that’s the case, then who the hell punched her?”

Peter said it wouldn’t surprise him either way. “Ariana is her best friend, and they’ve been together, they’ve been BFFs for over a decade now. I’m sure they’ve had their disagreements, but … that’s her girl,” he explained.

He also responded to the rumor that Ariana caught Tom walking out of Raquel’s room in the middle of the night while she was staying at their place — when Tom allegedly claimed he was giving her water. “Him coming out of her room at four in the morning and getting caught by Ariana. What? She wasn’t feeling well, so I’m gonna go give her some water. You don’t think that’s fishy? I mean, like Ariana, if I was in Ariana’s shoes, I’d’ve been like, wait, no, that doesn’t sound right.”

When asked about Tom’s first apology post, which didn’t mention Ariana, Peter said, “That should have been the first thought, would’ve been her … If I was in his shoes, it’d been like, the first thought is Ariana. That’s the number one.”

He then addressed Tom and Raquel’s recent “PR” moves. “A Lot of conflicting messages,” said Peter. “Because there’s a lot of different PR trying to scrub the situation as they say … [and people] trying to [be] like, ‘Okay, how do we present this? Okay … let’s put this out. No, no. Now let’s put this out. No.’ And once you get too many cooks in the kitchen, as they say, the meal comes out convoluted.”

Regarding whether Tom is a narcissist, Peter indicated, “He is a little bit narcissistic. I have a story … So some years ago, I would always help him get, he was always late for his bartending shifts. And I always help him get set up … because [he never] took accountability [for] why he was late … And then this one time I think he lost some of the bank [till] or all the bank [till]. And I … [had to] pay it back myself. Yeah. I got a call from [someone], and they blamed me because I’m the manager on duty.”

Peter said he won’t film with Raquel unless “she’s working” with him, and it’s strictly a “professional” interaction. He doesn’t believe, however, that Scheana’s alleged assault would lead to her firing. “I mean, Tom came out and hit Jax [Taylor] … and nothing’s been confirmed.”

The star also discussed Stassi Schroeder‘s wedding dis-invitation. “I sided with Jax and Brittany when … I found out that, for instance, Stasi disinvited a bunch of people and used a letter that looked like it was written by a fifth grader. And then come to find out that I was also BCC’d … We’re not friends … I wasn’t gonna go anyway, but that’s just f**king insulting.”

He also disliked the way she did it: “You don’t have five minutes to call up 20 people … or text them, ‘Hey, are you planning on going? Because it might be a little limited’ … Instead they wrote out this letter, put it on a postcard thing, and then BCC’d everybody and literally said, bye-bye. I don’t know who would still be friends with someone like that.”

Peter eventually suggested that Tom will repeat history.

“I thought that him and Ariana were really in love and it was the real deal … Time will tell [if Raquel and Tom are in love] I guess, but then again, even if they’re together [for] nine years, he jumps to a different girl nine years from now … Raquel, watch out because in nine years he’s probably gonna leave you for someone else. I think it’s hilarious.”

Despite the scandal’s effect on Tom’s restaurant, Schwartz & Sandy’s, Peter claimed the controversy is bringing Sur’s business “to a whole other level.”

“Last night we had about a hundred when I got there. It was 130 plus walk-ins,” he said. “I don’t even remember what the final number was, but it was a lot.”

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