Below Deck Recap: Ben Questions Status With Camille as Time With Leigh-Ann Comes to an End; Plus, Tyler Plans to Come Out to His Parents and Katie Realizes Ross is Not Relationship Material

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Below Deck Recap: Ben Questions His Status with Camille as His Time with Leigh-Ann Comes to an End; Plus, Tyler Plans to Come Out to His Parents and Katie Realizes Ross is Not Relationship Material

On the season finale of Below Deck, the crew is readying themselves for a one-day charter full of body-building guests that look like “they can eat me for lunch” (Katie‘s exact words). Despite the actual fear prompted by the excessive muscles, taking on this charter is the only choice before the season comes to a close.

We learn that joining us on board, we have the most winning bodybuilder in the history of bodybuilding, and Tony is fangirling like crazy. In the meantime, Ben is counting down the minutes until he can be reunited with Camille. However, he claims he doesn’t know where he stands with Camille, since, according to a recent text to Ben, she doesn’t have the mental capacity to think ahead and figure out what will become of their relationship post their rendezvous in the Dominican Republic.

When will these people realize that boat-mances very rarely end in serious relationships? Take Katie, for instance. It took her the whole season to come to terms with the fact that she simply must live in the moment when it comes to Ross. He certainly isn’t planning on wife-ing her up any time soon…

Fraser is tickled that these guests are actually kind — guess you really cannot judge a book by its cover. It’s a refreshing way to end the season; however, they are a tad picky with their food. Rachel serves up some dry chicken wings, and she certainly doesn’t take the criticism well. Rachel explains that she is “getting really tired of the whole hoopla.”

Later, Ben shares his frustrations about Camille with Katie, and Katie understands where he is coming from. Ben states, “Something in the back of my mind is not okay with what Camille said” about defining their relationship. Sounds to me like Ben is looking for anyyyy reason to be able to smooch Leigh-Ann and not have a guilty conscience about Camille, amiright?

Although we all know Captain Lee would crush the guest-requested on-board body-building competition (I mean, have you seen those abs!?), he decides to sit it out and have the crew prep for the night’s activities. In the meantime, Rachel hears about Fraser’s coming out story. He explains it as the most liberating moment of his life. He tells this story in the hopes of inspiring Tyler to come out to his parents.

Speaking of parents, Ross explains that due to his upbringing, he is just used to traveling and will continue to be on the “no plan, plan.” That also encompasses relationships, although he does enjoy spending time with Katie.

After some serious pep talks, Tyler decides he is going to call his mother and come out to her. Hayley is his number one cheerleader and reminds him that she will accept him because she loves him.

Rachel is trying to forget that her needle is in the red and decides to serve up a memorable meal, especially because Captain Lee has been invited to dine with the guests. The crew doesn’t get much of a chance to relax after dinner since they have to prepare for the Buns and Guns competition that they will be (forcefully) taking part in #doitforthetips.

Fraser apologizes on behalf of the crew before the show even begins (I mean, these guests are professionals and here we have Tony doing yoga moves to wow them!). Somehow Ross takes the W, which of course makes Katie want him even more, I presume.

The sexual tension between Leigh-Ann and Ben builds as they are both stuck on lates and are given opportunities to sort out their feelings. Ben explains that he is not dating Camille, but he does have feelings for her. However, the recent text exchange he had with Camille has given him some doubts about where they stand…

The next morning, the charter comes to an end. Katie is going to be pulling the anchor, and Ross is proud of how much his team has grown over the course of the season. Fraser promises that he will never judge another guest since this group has been “lovely.”

Katie does a great job pulling up the anchor, and Captain Lee is feeling the stress of the last docking. The infamous winds of St. Lucia are not helping, and when Ben misses the first throw to dock, the pressure grows.  Luckily, Ben was able to nail the second throw, so Captain Lee was able to successfully dock, bringing the charter season to a close. Everyone is thrilled!

Leigh-Ann decides to go “balls to the walls” this evening when it comes to Ben since this will be her last chance to see where they stand after all the phone flirting…

Captain Lee is thrilled with the crew, and during the tip meeting, we learn that over the season, they have earned $17,000 each. Not too shabby! He sends the crew out for a fun night, but he reminds them, “Don’t embarrass yourself, and don’t embarrass the boat.”

Before the night gets underway, Tyler decides to ring his mother. When he learns that she is at Granny’s house, he suddenly gets cold feet about coming out. It’s almost as if his mother knew what he was going to say, but when she reminds him that she would love him no matter what, Tyler is happy to wait and share the news in person.

Fraser lets Ben know that he thinks Ben is more compatible with Leigh-Ann than Camille, which is just a cool way to plant the seed before they all get wasted and messy. The night begins with tequila shots and progresses from there. Ben leans in and kisses Leigh-Ann rather early on which leads to more smooching. Once they’re back on the boat, the crew breaks off. Ross with Katie, Hayley with Tyler (doing silly drunk things like best friends do), and Ben with Leigh-Ann… but don’t get too excited. Turns out they only “shared a couple of kisses,” but it did not go any further than that because Ben’s heart is still with Camille. Sigh.

Tony is the first off the boat and is proud of all that he learned during this season. Leigh-Ann tries one more last-ditch effort to find out where Ben’s heart is, but she is saddened to learn that he remains ride or die with Camille.

Tyler wishes he was on the boat longer and has high hopes that he will still remain friends with the crew. He also knows that his first stop will be to talk with his parents about his sexuality now that he has gained confidence from his newfound friends.

Hayley becomes emotional talking with Fraser and states she was happy to be the “glue to this family.” Ben is excited to see where things go with Camille (it’s all he talks about honestly), and Katie understands that her future with Ross is not looking bright. Ross tells Captain Lee he will be at a two-week party in Fort Lauderdale, so it might be hard to settle down in the future… unless he is able to have five wives.

Rachel admits that this was not her most successful season and believes that she is “too old for this sh*t.” She feels like she needs a break, and sometimes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Fraser gets commended by Captain Lee for stepping up and leading through all the rough spots (and damn, there were many). Captain Lee is sad to see his crew go, and after 40 years, he is still proud of all his accomplishments. The flashbacks are everything as we reminisce about his seasons’ past, and it is heartwarming to hear good old Captain Lee end the season by saying, “I still got the best go-damn job in the world.”