EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Shares If She’ll Have More Kids With Luis, Addresses Fans’ Negative Perceptions, Her Secret to Positive Energy, and New Partnership With Best Fiends, Plus RHONJ Live Viewing

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EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Reveals If She and Luis Will Have More Kids, Addresses Fans’ Negative Perceptions, Her Secret to Positive Energy, and New Partnership with Best Fiends

Seven is heaven?

Newlyweds Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas – who share a blended family with six kids total – just revealed if she’s planning on having more. Additionally, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star gave a message to her critics, and she spilled the secret to maintaining her positive energy.

The Bravo celeb, who married her husband last summer at a chateau estate, opened up about her new partnership with Best Fiends, and she shared insight into working with Melissa Pfeister on the Namaste B$tches podcast.

Speaking with Reality Blurb, Teresa addressed whether she and Luis will be having more children.

“No, I’m not. It’s past that … We have six kids [combined]. And four dogs. We have enough,” said Teresa, who expressed that life is “beautiful” now that her children are older.

“It’s definitely more relaxing for me [than] when they were little, going twenty-four-seven. Now they’re more independent,” said the bestselling author, joking about her “second job” as “Uber driver” for Audriana, 13, the youngest of her four daughters. “And Milania just got her license so I’m happy about that. So I only have one left [who’s not driving].”

The newlywed gushed about her new life with Luis, and she revealed that her favorite part is “waking up with him, going to sleep with him, [and] just being with him every day.” She also expressed love for their two families, which blended together in an “easy transition” with “smooth sailing.”

The reality icon, who has been a staple of Bravo for 13 seasons (and was featured on Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars) addressed fans’ negative perceptions.

“I’m just not this mean person that people think I am,” Teresa expressed. “I’m a mom first and foremost, but I want everyone to know I’m a kind and gentle person. I love the circle of people that are around me … I have good energy. I love good energy around me.”

When asked how she keeps her positive vibrations, Teresa said the secret was yoga and meditation.

“When I went to jail, that’s when I started doing yoga. I just had to get my mind space clear because I was really upset that I was taken away from my daughters,” shared the Turning The Tables author. “So that’s when I started doing it … And when I came out of jail, I got certified in yoga because I loved it so much.”

She then explained, “I was at a camp facility, so we were able to go outside. And that’s one thing I have to say, the grounds were so beautiful … and I would find a place and [meditate] there … When it was spring and summer, [I’d meditate] in the grass.”

Teresa carried those wellness secrets into life after her release. Only now, the star meditates on a serene estate behind her 7,728-square-foot mansion. “In my backyard it looks like a resort. In the warm months I do it outside,” she said. “Otherwise, I have a room in my house. I call [it] the Buddha room.”

Another way Teresa relieves stress? Her “new crush,” a puzzle game called Best Fiends, with whom she’s recently partnered.

“It’s a three-puzzle challenge. And then you collect the characters to go along with it. It’s a great way to relax. It gets my mind off of other things,” Teresa shared. “I love all the characters … If I’m having a stressful day, it just puts me at ease.”

The star continued, “It’s a game that you will love. My best friend is a big gamer, she plays games all the time. I used to say… ‘What are you doing?’ I [didn’t] understand her playing these games [until] I started playing Best Fiends.”

Teresa said she and her friend now love it. “It’s like my new crush,” she explained. “Instead of watching TV, I like doing this. And you could do this anywhere, [like] if you’re at the airport … [or] getting your hair done.”

Speaking of Teresa’s pals, she also gave a glimpse into working with Melissa Pfeister, her co-host on the Namaste B$tches podcast.

“We talk about everything [on the podcast]. Life, what’s going on in my world, what’s going on in Melissa’s world, what’s going on in the actual world … [and] a little bit over Housewives,” said the co-host, who releases new episodes every Wednesday. “[Melissa] has her opinion on things, and I have my opinion on things. And I love that. We don’t always see eye-to-eye on everything, but I think that’s what makes the world go round … We really have [become] best friends. She’s amazing, [and] she’s really been there for me.”

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