Vanderpump Rules Recap: Tom Kisses Raquel After Dinner With Katie Ended in Disaster as Lala Skips Scheana’s Wedding Event

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Tom Kisses Raquel After Dinner With Katie Ended in Disaster as Lala Skips Scheana’s Wedding Event

Scheana’s wedding events in Mexico continue on this episode of Vanderpump Rules. Katie and Schwartz try to navigate the newness of their divorce and James behavior remains questionable.  Will Scheana be able to enjoy her wedding even through all the drama?

Ariana scolding James is what everyone watching from home has always wanted to do. Because she is absolutely dying of embarrassment, Ally runs off from the situation, and she calls James’ behavior “not cute.” Sandoval sticks his nose in James’ business and states, “Sometimes real power is having the power to do something and not doing it.”  Ohhhhh the irony!

In the meantime, the Bubbas (Schwartz and Katie) head out to celebrate the sale of their house. They try to explain to the waiter why they are out to dinner at this romantic establishment, but he’s just as confused about it as we are. Schwartz and Katie cheers to closing their house, the memories they made, and the good job they are doing by staying friendly, ehhh kinda. Schwartz bemoans the fact that he is not celebrating Scheana at her welcome dinner, but luckily the drama erupting there between James and Ariana gets resolved, and they hug it out.

Schwartz explains that after the divorce, he is more apt to defend Katie, but Katie vehemently disagrees. Katie reminds Schwartz that he never defended her, and Schwartz believes that she “abused” the wife-husband relationship early on and states he was a good husband. Katie refuses to be gaslit by Schwartz, and Schwartz replies, “I think it’s better when we don’t talk that much.” Katie demands Schwartz “be real,” and she gets upset thinking about how great everyone’s been towards him and how awful they’ve been to her. Schwartz calls Katie the “provocateur” towards Scheana and Raquel… and so she gets up mid-dinner, leaving Schwartz mid-bite and with a table full of food (even AFTER complaining how tight his suit has become).

Ally eventually returns after fuming over James’ behavior, and she gets invited to Scheana’s bachelorette party on the catamaran the next morning. James calls Lala out in front of Scheana and says loudly that Lala might not be attending because Raquel is going and therefore… she would rather skip. Scheana is annoyed and Lala chases after her. Lala tries to explain that she doesn’t want the energy to be off, and she is confused about what Scheana means when she says she wants a drama-free wedding. Lala would obviously prefer hanging out with Katie and Kristina, but she knows she has to be on that boat tomorrow.

Kristina leaves Scheana’s wedding welcome dinner (even though she was not invited) and talks to Katie about her dinner with Schwartz. Katie is beyond annoyed that he will always defend other people, and in the midst of their conversation, there’s a knock at the door. Raquel awkwardly enters Katie’s room to give her some news: she is merely Scheana’s messenger. Per Scheana, Katie is not invited to be around the preferred area of the resort. How rich of Raquel telling Katie not to do something — of all the people! Katie calls Scheana a b*tch, and Kristina volunteers to have a conversation with Scheana. Katie threatens to go wherever she damn well pleases. Sounds like a promise and not a threat.

Later at the club, Raquel reports back to Scheana. Scheana can’t believe that Raquel actually listened to her and that Raquel went savage on Katie, but now she knows that she has total control over Raquel’s brain.

In the morning, the ladies (minus Katie and Kristina) gather in the lobby, and the men meet up at the pool bar to celebrate Brock by throwing back shots and giving big hugs. Don’t worry, though — Katie and Kristina manage to get into the preferred pool area, and it’s just lucky that Scheana and her posse are far away on that catamaran.

In the meantime, the men are getting more drunk and donning speedos with Brock’s face. Is that typical bachelor party behavior?! When Schwartz mentions that he thought the random girl at the bar was Raquel, Sandoval asks if he wishes it was.  Schwartz states that he can’t explain it, but that she’s beautiful, and eerily, Sandoval responds, “It’s ok — I get it.” Schwartz promises he will make out with so many people later that night, and to that, Sandoval makes his best Joker face. Gross.

It’s weird when Lala’s only friend on the catamaran is Ally. They have a sit-down and talk about having tunnel vision with men. Lala reminds Ally not to lose herself in her relationship with James.

Over at LVP‘s, she is planning dinner for her daughter Pandora and her family. LVP worries about Greg, the owner of Schwartz and Sandy’s, and states that “clearly he doesn’t understand who he is in bed with.” LVP chuckles over the Toms thinking that they are going to be open in 10 days, and she ponders how she can help them without stepping on Greg’s toes. LVP wonders if she should meet with Greg to discuss the future… and save the Toms’ bank accounts.

It’s the big welcome white party for Scheana and Brock. As they get ready, James learns about Ally’s talk with Lala. James is annoyed that Lala warned her about him. And he doesn’t appreciate Lala cautioning Ally, considering Lala got herself into such a mess with *HER* relationship.

It’s kinda funny that Katie and Kristina (the two NOT invited to the wedding and the festivities) are wearing black while Scheana’s white party takes place. Conveniently, Katie picked a restaurant right next to Scheana’s party, which is laughable. Doesn’t look great that Lala is sitting with the “enemy,” and Scheana can see it, too!

Kristina talks about the conversation she had with Scheana before dinner to clear the air, and Katie seems annoyed that Kristina even needed to address it with Scheana. As their dinner wears on, the party heats up. Lala wonders if Scheana will even notice she is at dinner with Katie and Kristina, but Scheana has… and she is P*SSED. Scheana doesn’t even know why Katie is there and decides that Schwartz needs to make out with someone. Ariana reminds the world that Schwartz “only likes to make out with people when he’s married to someone else.” OUCH… but true. Sandoval and Scheana berate Schwartz and tell him that he needs to let the Bubba go because it’s “distracting.”

While Lala talks about her new boo, Schwartz awkwardly interrupts the girls’ dinner to ask Katie…….. to trim his armpit hair for him. Katie is not amused and suggests he ask Brock to do it for him — ya know the BFF he seemingly chose over Katie. Katie calls this stage of Schwartz’s drunkenness “pest mode,” and yes, we can see it. Again, Katie is irked by the fact that she always looks like the bad guy.

Over at the white party, Raquel takes Schwartz away from the crowd, and Schwartz realizes that he might just make out with Raquel since she is considered the “forbidden fruit.” Raquel states that she can’t stop thinking about smooching Schwartz, and her attraction to Schwartz outweighs her desire to be friends with Katie. They decide to throw their cares away and begin making out right there, in front of everyone. As the episode ends, we hear shrieks and hoots, cheering the duo on as they swap spit. To be continued….