Vanderpump Rules Recap: Raquel Confronts Oliver Over Cheating Allegation as Lala Calls Her a Mistress, Plus Katie Calls Out Sandoval for Suspicious Outing With Raquel

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Raquel Confronts Oliver Over Cheating Allegation as Lala Calls Her a Mistress and Katie Calls Out Sandoval for Suspicious Outing With Raquel

Who is the mistress now? On this episode of Vanderpump Rules, Raquel gets dragged into a messy marriage, and Lala‘s birthday outs some interesting information. The Easter eggs in this episode hinting at Scandoval are top-notch, and it’s almost hard to focus on anything else…

Katie comes by to scoop up the shared dogs, and things are still a bit tense with Schwartz on Katie’s end after the Raquel hook-up. When Schwartz tries to talk about the Schwartz and Sandy’s mess with her, Katie removes herself from the conversation because she realizes she simply does not have to help him anymore. He is a bit upset by her behavior and feels like Katie is blowing this kiss out of proportion. He even goes as far as saying he feels like she is more upset over *this* kiss than when he cheated on her when they were together.

After snapping some pics for Raquel’s new Hinge profile (eye roll), Charli lets Raquel know that her kiss with Schwartz was distasteful. I am happy to hear Charli state, “I wouldn’t do that to my worst enemy.” Raquel makes it clear that she does not see a future with Schwartz, BUT she IS going out with Oliver — yes, THAT Oliver (Garcelle’s son that Raquel made out with in Vegas). Interesting.

Over at Schwartz and Sandy’s, Schwartz shares that he feels a newfound sense of “optimism” about the opening of their spot. The Toms now understand that this place is not going to open as early as they wanted — they still need kitchen staff, like, yesterday, and on top of that, the kitchen manager has been fired while the Toms were in Mexico. Sandoval makes it clear that they “open or they are f*cked.” He goes on and on about how much money he is spending, but he really doesn’t understand that they cannot open the doors if they don’t have a chef that can make food properly. Believe it or not, Schwartz is the voice of reason and tries to shake Sandoval back to reality after his tantrum.

Katie goes over to Ariana‘s to practice perfecting sandwiches. The sandwich shop is really coming to life — they’ve signed the lease and things are beginning to take shape. Katie explains how she saw Schwartz for like five minutes, and Sandoval lets Katie know that he doesn’t think it’s a big deal: “Two single people that are decent-looking” decided to make out. (Can we talk about how he called them DECENT?!) Ariana reminds Sandoval that Schwartz is in the wrong and tells Katie that Raquel is not a “whore,” as suggested by Katie. Katie realizes that she shouldn’t be surprised by Schwartz’s behavior.

Katie gets questioned by Sandoval for calling Jo Wenberg, Schwartz’s roommate. Katie explains that Jo was “literally Kristen Doute’s crazy friend.” And that says a lot. Sandoval believes that there needs to be some “healthy” separation between Katie and Schwartz. Katie makes it clear that because Schwartz broke their promise, he does not deserve her friendship.

See You Next Tuesday is in full swing, and LVP has entered the building. James chats with her about Mexico, and he lets her know that Schwartz made out with Raquel. LVP isn’t exactly surprised, and she calls James out for being jealous.

After she talks with James, LVP makes her way over to the Toms. Naturally, Raquel is their server, and the way Sandoval stares at her all makes sense now. LVP calls Sandoval out for smiling so big when Raquel plops down between the Toms. Foreshadowing! Sandoval lets Raquel know that Katie called her a whore, and Raquel becomes defeated. She talks about how she needs to be around people who “charge her battery” (is that Sandoval for her?!), and when Sandoval locks eyes with her and tells her she is not a whore, it is incredibly ironic.

Lala has Katie, Kristina, and Ally over, and they discuss Lala’s birthday. Raquel, Schwartz, and Charli are not invited to her b-day bash, but Katie has decided to bring Satchel, her young, new man. This relationship has been going on for quite some time, but since she now realizes Schwartz has no level of respect for her, it’s time to live her life and bring him around.

The Toms roll up to LVP’s house, and we learn that Rose, LVP’s mini horse, passed away. LVP tells the guys although she feels “emotionally depleted,” she still needs to get them down to business. Sandoval shares that their head chef and kitchen staff have been fired, but Schwartz reminds him that “all you do is huff and puff” about opening, but he does nothing to help the situation. Sandoval is livid when Schwartz calls him out for going to band practice and getting his nails done instead of sorting out the restaurant’s issues, and because he is a child, an angry Sandoval storms away.

Later, Ariana explains that two years ago, she froze her eggs. She asked Sandoval to go fertilize her eggs, even though she is unsure if she even wants to have kids. Sandoval is iffy about this topic, and he tells Ariana that it’s “tough sometimes” to talk about stuff with her. Ariana reminds him that they are allowed to have different perspectives. Sandoval believes Ariana is very quick to take the other person’s point of view and feels like Ariana thinks he is an idiot. Is this one of those “many” times Sandoval claims he tried to break up with Ariana?

LVP hosts Garcelle and her son, Oliver, for some drinks at SUR. LVP sings Oliver’s praises and then hears all about the night he made out with Raquel. Oliver shares how he has a date planned with Raquel since he is here in L.A., and he makes it a point to say he is very much separated from his wife.

While getting ready for Lala’s party, Ally talks with James about the bombshell she dropped the night before with the girls. She let them all know that she saw Sandoval and Raquel dancing together at the Abbey at one a.m. She is worried about what may happen now that this information has been shared.

Lala is happy to be celebrating this birthday single, and she is hoping to end her night with some birthday sex. She also cannot wait to let Raquel know that Oliver is truthfully not separated, as per a convo she had earlier.

We learn that Raquel got a DM stating that Oliver is not separated from his wife. As Raquel shares this information with Brock and Scheana, Brock suggests that Raquel reach out to his ex. She just so happened to have the wife’s phone number, and Raquel actually phones her. She apologizes and shares that she, too, is p*ssed that Oliver lied to her. Raquel calls Oliver manipulative all while Lala calls Raquel a mistress. Raquel plans on confronting Oliver on her “date” this evening, and Scheana worries that Raquel is going to get dragged by this on social media (if she only knew…).

Katie is debuting her new dude, Satchel, who kinda looks like “he just got groomed at Vanderpump Dogs” — Scheana. They aren’t the only duo stepping out for the night. Raquel is clearly still going on a date with Oliver because #ratings. I mean, now she truly knows he is not separated, as per his angry wife and the conversation.

Oliver explains that he was “put on blast” by his sons’ mom, and Raquel lets him know that she had a conversation with his wife. Oliver looks caught off guard and tells Raquel he has had his own place for eight months. Oliver denies having sex with his wife the night he hooked up with Raquel in Vegas, and he also apologizes for dragging Raquel into the mess. Raquel is furious with Oliver, and she claims she would never try to insert herself into messiness (yet).

Raquel then crashes Lala’s birthday and asks Scheana to come outside so she can recount her convo with Oliver. Scheana suggests Raquel come in so she can talk to Lala, and when she shows her face, Lala is loving the opportunity to call her mistress to her face. When Raquel and Lala head outside to chat, Sandoval winds up next to Katie.

Sandoval is having a hard time watching Katie revel in Raquel’s problems, and to that, Katie retorts, “You get a lot of joy out of Raquel, as well.” Katie reminds Sandoval that he was with Raquel at one a.m. at the Abbey. Sandoval denies, a natural reaction, but his face… well, that tells a different story.

In the meantime, Raquel apologizes to Lala. She admits that she is now the mistress (unknowingly), and Raquel claims she didn’t realize how easily a man can mislead you. Lala is happy to see Raquel has learned a lesson and reminds her that the woman always takes the brunt of the mess. Lala tells Raquel she doesn’t “want to beef” with her, and even after all the sh*t she talked, Lala hugs it out with Raquel. She tells Raquel, “Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re a mistress.” Is this a truce?