Has Tom Sandoval’s Affair Hurt His Restaurants & Businesses? Find Out, Plus Lisa Vanderpump Calls Scandal “a Producer’s Dream”

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Has Tom Sandoval's Affair Hurt His Restaurants & Businesses? Find Out, Plus Lisa Vanderpump Calls Scandal "a Producer's Dream"

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A new report is shedding light on how the scandal involving Tom Sandoval’s affair with Raquel Leviss has affected his business at Lisa Vanderpump‘s restaurants and bars, featured heavily on Vanderpump Rules

Meanwhile, Lisa called the scandal – which purportedly occurred during Tom’s relationship with Ariana Madix – a “producer’s dream.”

According to la.eater.com, the scandal has been great for the restaurants that were previously struggling. The outlet reported that Lisa’s “Pump” was potentially on track to shut down after a revoked liquor license, and its lease renewal was unsettled.

As Scandoval hit the headlines, fans reportedly left terrible reviews, and cancelled reservations at TomTom and Schwartz & Sandy’s – where Sandoval is the partial owner.

Now, however, the negative publicity is seemingly good for business, per Vulture’s Bethy Squires. Pump is reportedly booming, while SUR and TomTom are doing fine.

And speaking of publicity, the controversy is also doing favors for the show, which is now boasting high ratings.

In an interview for Variety, Lisa called the cheating scandal “a producer’s dream, but talent’s nightmare.”

Lisa, an executive producer on the show, said she was “shattered” and “gobsmacked” when the news of the infidelity broke.

“I was basically having a bloody heart attack,” said the star.

Explaining the scandal to non-fans, Lisa shared, “It was almost akin to ‘Friends,’ like [if] Chandler and Phoebe suddenly [started] shagging.”

Though the scandal broke after season 10 finished filming, the cameras soon re-emerged to document the fallout.

“This group moves so quickly, and they talk 10 times a day — we had to pick up the cameras straightaway.”

Lisa also teased conflict at the reunion: “[In the] first minute, it looked like it was gonna end there.” She later added, “It was so intense, and there were a lot of tears and heartbreak.”

During the reunion taping, Raquel and Scheana Shay were forced to film separately amid Raquel’s restraining order, which was reportedly filed after Raquel’s allegation that Scheana assaulted her – after learning of the affair.

“I think everybody is so intrinsically entwined, emotionally, that everybody felt so much,” said Lisa. “I think she kind of slapped [her] around the face … Which I, again, don’t condone.”

Lisa then addressed the magnitude of fans’ reactions against Tom.

“He didn’t kill anybody, you know,” she expressed. “It was an infidelity, and I’m not condoning it in any shape or form. But at some point, let’s hear both sides and try to move on.”

Vanderpump Rules season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.