RHOC Alum Meghan King Wears “F—ck You” Sweatshirt to Kid’s School as Ex Jim Edmonds Blasts Her and She Responds

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RHOC Alum Meghan King Wears “F—ck You” Sweatshirt to Kid’s School as Ex Jim Edmonds Blasts Her and She Responds

Meghan King made an interesting fashion choice on Wednesday, April 26, when she decided to wear an explicit and profanity-laced sweatshirt while picking her children up from school.

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum shared an Instagram Story and said, “Another day, another school pick up, and another randomly inappropriate sweatshirt for school kids.” In the video, she’s seen wearing a sweatshirt with the beer brand Budweiser on it.

Meghan believes her outfit was a step up from the previous day’s selection, commenting, “[It’s] better than yesterday.” That day, she wore a top that read, “F—ck This, F—ck That, F—ck You.”

Meghan’s ex-husband, Jim Edmonds, was not impressed and was quick to call Meghan out for her lack of “common sense” regarding their three shared children, including six-year-old daughter Aspen and four-year-old twins Hayes and Hart.

“Jim obviously feels it is completely inappropriate to wear that sweatshirt around children, especially at their child’s school,” a rep for the former MLB player told Us Weekly on Thursday. “You would think common sense would kick in at some point.”

After catching wind of Jim’s comments on what he believes to be her lackluster parenting skills, Meghan responded with a comment of her own to the outlet.

“None of our kids can read, but I doubt Jim knows that,” the reality star stated.

Meghan and Jim have consistently fired accusations of bad parenting and neglect at one another ever since the pair’s divorce was finalized in 2021. They have also been locked in a battle over custody arrangements for years.

Back in March, Jim accused Meghan of being “unstable, unfit [and] unwilling to coparent and unable to provide an environment for the children that is emotionally and physically safe” after filing a new request for split custody.

Meghan then clapped back at Jim’s “wild claims.” “I’ve been the primary parent and single mother of my children for 6 years,” she told the magazine on March 28. “He and his team’s wild claims are untrue, and anyone who is close with me, or my children can attest to that — my children have always been and will remain my top priority.”