Savannah Chrisley Addresses Being Kicked Off Plane by Southwest and Reveals Mom Julie Chrisley is “Scared” in Prison

by Adam Ragsdale
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Savannah Chrisley Addresses Being Kicked Off Plane by Southwest and Reveals Mom Julie Chrisley is "Scared" in Prison

Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Savannah Chrisley said she wasn’t her “most patient self” during an April incident before a Southwest flight when the Chrisley Knows Best star was kicked off the plane.

She also revealed that her mother Julie Chrisley is “scared” in federal prison, following her and Todd Chrisley’s convictions for fraud and tax evasion.

Speaking on her Unlocked podcast, Savannah addressed the airplane incident, saying she and an employee had a verbal altercation when she was told she’d have to check a bag as there wasn’t any overhead space available.

The 25-year-old wouldn’t budge, told the man she wanted to see the evidence, and then called him “an a–hole.”

After the incident, the star was kicked off the flight, but she attempted to make it better by apologizing.

“I told the attendant, ‘You know what? We all have tough days. Clearly, you’re in a mood. I’m in a mood. I apologize. I should not have called you an as–hole. Let’s check my bag,” she said, via Page Six.

Apparently, the damage was done and her apology didn’t matter.

According to Savannah, she was upset because she wished to return home to 10-year-old Chloe, her niece who is now in her custody after her parents’ sentencing.

Savannah said she wasn’t her “most patient self” because of the situation. Although she asked to be allowed to keep the bag, the star doesn’t think she’s “better than anyone else.”

“I do not think I’m better than to not have to check my bags,” Savannah explained. “All I asked was let me see if there’s room because we’ve all been on a plane before [where] some people just don’t play Tetris that well, and there’s a lot of wasted space.”

Savannah also addressed Julie’s stay in federal prison, saying her mother is “scared” and it’s “harder” for Julie than Todd.

“But she’s just staying busy. You know, like, she’s trying to do anything and everything, take classes, [be] first at-bat — everything known to man that she can do, she does,” she revealed, via Page Six.

“I think she’s trying to shield us from a lot of things,” continued the star. “Because that’s my mom. That’s who she is.”

She also claimed her mother “sticks to herself” and sends diary letters to Savannah where she expresses that she’s missing her husband.

“I don’t think there’s a single letter that goes by that she does not say how much she misses my dad. They don’t get to talk,” she said. “So it’s going on what month are we? April?”

“We’re like three, four, four months in, almost,” Savannah added. “Being together almost 30 years now and not going a day without speaking to now, going on four months is a lot.”

She went on, “I mean, it was tough to see the accounts of her day and just things that she’s scared of or nervous about or just all the thoughts that go through her mind … And not having my dad there with her. That’s the biggest thing.”