Margaret Josephs’ Ex-BFF Laura Leaks Texts to Refute Claims of What Led to the End of Her Friendship With RHONJ Star, See the Messages

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Report: Margaret Josephs Ex-Friend Laura Drops Text Exchange Challenging Margaret’s Version of Their Friendship Demise, See Messages as Laura Calls Out Margaret's "False Narratives"

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Margaret Josephs’ former bestie Laura Jensen dropped an alleged texts exchange of what reportedly led to the end of her friendship with the Real Housewives of New Jersey star. Before the current season, Laura warned castmates about Margaret’s alleged actions, including a claim that she spread a cheating rumor about Melissa Gorga.

In a recent clip shared by Bravo, Margaret claimed that Laura warned her to “check” herself, after Margaret chose to take her husband Joe as a plus one to a party instead of Laura. However, the following messages paint a different picture than Margaret’s on-screen version of events.

According to the alleged texts exchange, shared via screenshots by @allrhonjfacts on Instagram, Margaret indicated she was now taking her husband to the party, after a “wrestling” event was canceled.

“[But] if Joe doesn’t come obviously I’m taking you,” read the text.

Laura then responded, “No worries. You had said u we’re going with Lexi so I don’t need to go. Take them. I will hang with Dave.”

Image credit: @laura_lee_jensen/Instagram via @allrhonjfacts/Instagram

Margaret allegedly wrote back, “Lexi had her own invite — she’s close with them and didn’t get a plus one.”

Laura then told her friend to “have fun,” before Margaret allegedly reacted: “Things get lost in text on both ends — I’m upset this keeps happening.”

At this point, the friend said, “Nothing lost in text. We spoke in person the other night. It’s totally fine. Plans change. Was there any type of indication that anything was lost? I fully understand. It’s a party, it’s not [a] wedding.”

Image credit: @laura_lee_jensen/Instagram via @allrhonjfacts/Instagram

Margaret allegedly responded, “I invited you as my plus one — I didn’t go into details about invite. Who is invited, Lexis invite etc not necessary … The plans did change and Joe isn’t going to wrestling.”

The text continued, “You write in hostility about things that’s are out of my control and you make assumptions that I’m taking Lexi like instead of you it’s upsetting to explain myself constantly … I do feel you have underlying animosity towards me and I can’t do right by you.”

Image credit: @laura_lee_jensen/Instagram via @allrhonjfacts/Instagram

Laura defended herself, “You’re really going far afield to try to explain away something that I didn’t ask for explanation on. I made a comment that had no hostility. Blatant lie. You are totally misunderstanding me and out of line telling me I have animosity. It’s a bunch of bulls**t. You’re creating false narratives for what, I don’t even know … Stop picking my words apart when I’m at work and can’t really talk. Check yourself and don’t ever tell me you can’t do right by me. I am f**king fuming right now. How dare you?”

Image credit: @laura_lee_jensen/Instagram via @allrhonjfacts/Instagram

The star allegedly wrote back, “You can’t have a civil text or conversation when telling me to ‘check myself’ — I didn’t pick your words apart I know you very well and know your inflection — You just crossed a boundary … I would never speak that way to you — Let’s take a break.”

Laura then indicated this is “exactly what u [were] aiming for.”

Image credit: @laura_lee_jensen/Instagram via @allrhonjfacts/Instagram

Image credit: @laura_lee_jensen/Instagram via @allrhonjfacts/Instagram

In the comments of the Instagram post, Laura explained, “I was bothered by the fact that she wasn’t going to even bother to tell me she wasn’t taking me anymore until I said something. I could care less about the party, it was the lack of regard for me. It’s disrespectful and rude.”

Image credit: @laura_lee_jensen/Instagram

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