Cops Called to RHOM Star Lisa Hochstein’s Home as Ex Lenny Alleges She Assaulted Him and Files for Emergency Custody of Kids, See Judge’s Ruling as Lisa Speaks

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RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Calls 911 on Estranged Husband, Lenny, As He Accuses Her of Verbal and Physical Assault, and Lisa Responds

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The divorce between The Real Housewives of Miami stars Lisa Hochstein and estranged plastic surgeon husband Dr. Lenny Hochstein has reportedly reached a fever pitch. The latest altercation between the former spouses led to the police becoming involved after the situation allegedly turned physical.

In new court documents, Lenny alleges that Lisa verbally and physically assaulted him in their Miami mansion after he entered their former marital bedroom to retrieve mail that Lisa regularly leaves for him there.

“Upon entering the master bedroom, [Lisa] suddenly ran out of her combined bathroom and closet and surprised [Lenny] by engaging in a verbal tirade demanding to know why [Lenny] had entered the master bedroom,” documents obtained by Page Six read.

“[Lisa] started pushing [Lenny] physically which caused him to retreat, and [Lisa] continued to pursue and follow [Lenny] while yelling at him,” the report claimed.

Lenny explained that Lisa could have diffused the situation by “shutting the door” after he left the room, but he alleges that she chose to “escalate” the moment by calling 911 and accusing him of being the “aggressor.”

The Miami Beach Police Department confirmed to the outlet that there was an incident at Lisa and Lenny’s home, but they did not arrest either party due to “insufficient probable cause” for domestic violence charges.

The altercation prompted Lenny to file an emergency motion requesting a hearing for temporary custody of his and Lisa’s children, Logan, 7, and Elle, 3, due to Lisa’s unpredictable “behavior.” In the filing, he stated he would like to reside in his and Lisa’s home but would pay for Lisa to “find residence elsewhere.”

However, a Miami judge did not view the couple’s domestic circumstances as an “emergency” and denied Lenny’s request.

Lisa has responded to Lenny’s claims and is confident that she will be vindicated in her response filing.

“As we will make clear in our response filing, there is a long history of me having to call the police because of Lenny’s behavior,” Lisa told Page Six in a statement. “On this occasion he entered my bedroom without my consent while I wasn’t yet fully dressed and refused to leave while calling me names in front of the children and taunting me.”

The latest filing comes on the heels of many accusations that the RHOM couple has been vehemently spewing at one another.

Prior to the bedroom incident, Lenny accused Lisa of planting listening devices in his car, but she denies the allegations, calling them “mean and calculated.” The plastic surgeon has also said that Lisa has been “bleeding” him dry financially and charging extravagant amounts of money to his accounts, including Instacart.

Lisa and Lenny were married for 12 years before filing for divorce in May 2022, and Lisa alleges she discovered the self-proclaimed “boob god” was engaging in an affair with now-girlfriend Katharina Mazepa. Both Lenny and Katharina maintain their relationship began after his separation from Lisa.