Melissa Gorga Hints at New Accusations at Most “Bizarre” RHONJ Reunion, Plus Teresa Explains Why She’s Glad It’s Over

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RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga Talks “Bizarre” and “Insane” Season 13 Reunion, Plus Teresa Explains Why She’s Glad It’s Over

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Melissa Gorga is dishing on The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 reunion following the explosive season finale, and according to the Envy Boutique owner, the reunion will be just as unpredictable.

The RHONJ star said that the sit down was one of the most “bizarre” reunions she’s experienced yet, noting that accusations were coming “out of left field.”

“I’m talking like [the accusations] sounded like they came from the sky, and then they were like thought up the night before, like ‘this is what’ — it was insane,” Melissa explained during a May episode of her podcast, On Display with Melissa Gorga, via Heavy.

While most reunions are generally organized, Melissa says this year’s reunion was erratic and chaotic as new information and confrontations were brought to light.

“There was a lot of deflecting going on where it’s like ‘wait this has nothing to do with anything that went on all season. Like can we discuss’ — usually you go through the cue cards, and it’s like ‘so this happened, so this happened, tell us your feelings, so this happened, why did you say this, why’ — there was none of that, just so you know. Zero, because it was just screaming and cursing, it was like — I’m being honest, a different reunion,” the 44-year-old continued.

“Like bizarre, bizarre, I was like ‘wait huh?’ Like we’re just like — it was crazy.”

Host and moderator Andy Cohen echoed Melissa’s sentiments. Back in April, he stated on his SiriusXM show Radio Andy that “there [were] a ton of new allegations made” at the reunion. The Bravo Boss added that he lost his temper multiple times, yelled at Teresa Giudice, and almost walked off the set entirely.

“There was a lot of new material to get into which was good, so we didn’t spend a ton of time rehashing the past. We leaned into a lot of the new stuff,” he said at the time, adding that the “vitriol” and level of “hate between Teresa and Melissa” was unprecedented.

Melissa and her husband, Joe Gorga, are still estranged from Teresa following the couple’s decision not to attend Teresa’s August wedding to now-husband Luis Ruelas.

Just one day before Melissa’s thoughts, Teresa also chimed in on the reunion on her own podcast, Namaste B$tches, and she said that she’s “so much more relaxed now that it’s over.”

“I got some stuff off my chest that I needed to get off my chest, and that’s it, and now [it’s] just a new beginning,” said Teresa. “And that’s it, I put that in the past, and sometimes you have to close out chapters.”