Peter Madrigal Calls Out Lala Kent for Disrespecting Lisa Vanderpump, Shares Suspicion Raquel Began Tom Affair Amid Relationship With James, and Why Vanderpump Rules Cast Will Film With Tom

by Adam Ragsdale
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Peter Madrigal Calls Out Lala Kent for Disrespecting Lisa Vanderpump, Shares Belief that Raquel Began Tom Affair Amid Relationship With James, and Suggests Cast Will Film With Tom for “Incentives”

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Peter Madrigal called out Lala Kent for disrespecting Lisa Vanderpump on the Vanderpump Rules reunion, shared his belief that Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss began their affair while she was still in a relationship with James Kennedy, and suggested cast members will film with Tom again if given “incentives.”

During the dramatic reunion taping, Lisa challenged Lala’s assertion that Tom is ‘dangerous.’ In response, Lala suggested that Lisa’s opinion mattered little.

Speaking on the Behind The Velvet Rope podcast, Peter threw shade at Lala for disrespecting the entrepreneur.

“You don’t speak back to Lisa Vanderpump. I don’t care. I mean, Lisa put everybody on the map, you know,” said Peter. “Why would you talk back to Lisa? Like that doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Addressing Lala’s comment, Peter shared his own opinion. “Do I think Tom Sandoval is dangerous? I don’t think he’s a danger to me,” he said. “He did make a brutal mistake. I’ll never trust that guy. But do I think he’s dangerous? … When someone says danger to me, that’s like, should they be in jail? … That’s something else entirely.”

The manager also addressed Ariana Madix‘s suggestion that she won’t be friends with anyone who films with Tom, and Peter discussed his own previous declaration that he won’t film with Tom again. “I think when I said that, I was a little bit enraged. I was like, you know, pissed off with what, everything that was happening. I mean, I guess I would [film with him], but, you know, it would be like an interesting moment between me and Tom,” he said. “So we’ll see. Only time will tell, I suppose. And it’s everyone’s prerogative, whether they’re gonna shoot with anybody or not.”

Peter shared why he believes James nearly got physical with Tom at the taping. “I think that James thinks that [Tom and Raquel] were hooking up even before the breakup between James and Rachel,” he said. “That’s what I think was happening … You look at things, you look back in time, and you’re like, oh, wait, why would I trust you, especially after, like, doing what he did.”

The star explained, “I think that’s why James is all like [that] … And then, of course, Tom [was] paying for some of the engagement party … You just kind of start thinking about things a little bit.”

Peter also revealed that he pitched certain ideas to Lala’s ex, producer Randall Emmett, for a potential “TV or movie deal.”

“I had a meeting with him once to pitch some ideas, and he was like [making] himself sound bigger than he was. And I was like, all right, you know, well, help me get like a TV or movie deal, you know. And nothing ever came to fruition from that. So I was like, well, either this guy doesn’t like me very much, or he’s a, or he’s a fraud. It turns out he was a fraud.”

He then addressed the accusation that Lisa favors the Toms over other cast members.

“I do not think she plays favorites. I think she’s trying to keep the peace, you know between everybody,” said Peter. “In the finale [before news of Scandoval broke] … she was giving a speech because she was sad about everybody kind of going their own way, and she was like, missing everyone … She told everybody that she loves each and every one of us and it’s like we have to come together and continue to being friends … it was very heartwarming.”

Peter suggested that cast members may eventually film with Tom again, despite the animosity, because there may be “incentives” for doing so – presumably alluding to money incentives from Bravo.

He also believes “negotiations will start soon.”

Part two of the three-part Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion airs Wednesday, May 31, at 9/8c on Bravo.