Charli Burnett on Vanderpump Rules Reunion Shocker, Lisa’s Favorite, and How Ariana’s Changed, Plus Fearing She Was Suicidal Amid Season 10 and Regrets

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Vanderpump Rules' Charli Burnett on Reunion Bomb, LVP's Favorite, and How Ariana's Changed, Plus Fearing She Was Suicidal Amid Season 10 and Regrets

Charli Burnett shared her thoughts on the bomb that is expected to drop during part three of the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion while appearing on Nick Viall‘s podcast on Tuesday.

After producer Alex Baskin confirmed that filming on season 11 wouldn’t begin until the cast had seen the reunion in full, Charli revealed what she believes the “new information” will be as she also discussed Lisa Vanderpump‘s favorite cast member and admitted to facing mental health concerns amid filming last year.

“This actually was my worst season,” Charli told Nick on the May 23 episode of The Viall Files. “Last summer was the most depressing, saddest [time].”

Although Charli opened up to Scheana Shay about the issue, their conversation got cut.

“I was scared I was suicidal last season and I took a step back because mentally, I had to take care of myself,” she explained. “I was so like, ‘I need to worry about Charli right now, and if even that makes me a friend of the show, that’s what I’m gonna do.’”

Because Charli had decided to focus her attention elsewhere, she said she didn’t pick up on the Easter eggs of “Scandoval” like she normally would have.

“For me to pay attention to like, a necklace… Mentally, I wasn’t clocking things in,” she admitted.

In addition to her bout with depression, Charli was also dealt with a death in her family.

“My grandpa died three days after this thing dropped with Tom and Ariana, so that’s like another reason I was like, ‘Holy sh-t. This is a lot,’” she shared. “Because even though this Tom and Ariana thing wasn’t to us personally, it was this weird death feeling. It was like we knew these people and now they’re not who we thought they were.”

Throughout filming, Charli felt “very sad” and “didn’t like what [she] was doing.” So, when it came time to film the reunion, she opted out.

“That was my bad and I did say sorry to Bravo and Evolution. That was something you shouldn’t do,” she noted. “I told myself I’m gonna take the six months to really focus on what I need to…You’re responsible for your triggers and your emotions.”

Luckily, after going through it amid season 10, Charli is doing much better.

“I got a new apartment and I started going to therapy again and worked on my relationship with my boyfriend and did all these things and now I feel happy,” she confirmed.

Although Charli has come out on the other side, she does have some regrets about the time she’s spent on Pump Rules.

“I really do wish that maybe I didn’t do the last two seasons because of that because I didn’t show up how Charli should’ve shown up,” she admitted. “[But] maybe it was a good thing I took a step back because if I would’ve been involved more in the situation or maybe took Rachel’s side more and involved myself more…. I probably would’ve been in more sh-t now because she was lying so much.”

Looking ahead to season 11, which is expected to begin production in June, Charli intends to remain on the series.

“I do hope that I get to show more of myself and more in depth of who I am and what I do because I feel like everything I’ve ever done has never been shown,” she stated. “From my work ethic, the things I do in my free time, everything I do I accomplish… It’s really great so I hope that I get to show that side of myself. I feel I could actually show up, bring the right kind of drama, bring the right kind of fun and show more of who I am — the real version.”

In the meantime, Charli has kept in touch with her co-stars, including Ariana.

“I talk to her. I do think that [‘Scandoval’ has] changed dynamics as a whole,” Charli shared, noting that trust has become a major factor.

“I’ve had conversations with her when I’ve ran into someone, our mutual friend, and she’s like, ‘They told Tom about A, B, and C. Or they knew about A, B, and C.’ So we’re actually finding out through this process, more and more people that were involved or knew things,” she revealed. “Of course she’s not gonna trust people the same.”

While Ariana is understandably reassessing her inner circle, Charli said she’s still a favorite of Lisa.

“Right now probably Ariana. She likes the people who make the most money,” Charli explained. “And hey, that’s why I like Lisa. She’s a businesswoman. She knows what she’s doing… [It’s] just whoever’s making the most money and the most traction for the show.”

Although Ariana is Lisa’s favorite at the moment, at least in Charli’s opinion, she’s typically less critical of the guys.

“Even my first season with [Brett Caprioni] and [Max Boyens], they could get away with anything and like, [Danica Dow] and I got in so much trouble… or got yelled at for things and Max and Brett could’ve done like, whatever they wanted and they didn’t get reprimanded as much,” she revealed.

Charli also spoke of Lisa when asked if she felt she knew about Sandoval and Raquel’s affair before it was revealed publicly.

“Maybe,” she suspected.

Charli then mentioned James Kennedy, the former fiance of Raquel.

“I feel like no one ever thought.. I feel bad for James in this. I feel like everyone keeps forgetting about him,” she said.

As for what she believes will be revealed on the Pump Rules reunion, Charli said, “I think that maybe people knew, that’s my guess.”

As Pump Rules fans may have seen, Alex recently said that whatever the bomb is will “[change] everything.” And, while Charli initially thought it would be a reveal of a potential Raquel pregnancy, she’s since heard “something else.”

“My other guess was that everyone wasn’t being truthful of how the whole situation panned out. I just think that there’s gonna be a lot that gets shown that’s gonna change everyone’s perspective,” she added.

Part two of the three-part Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion airs Wednesday, May 31, at 9/8c on Bravo.