Ariana Madix Addresses Rumor of Raquel Leviss Being Pregnant, Says Tom and Raquel Hooked Up in Guest Room as She Slept, & Shares What Would Make Her Quit Vanderpump Rules

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Ariana Madix on Sandoval and Raquel Hooking Up in Guest Room as She Slept and What Would Make Her Quit Pump Rules as Insiders Reveal If Raquel is Pregnant

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Ariana Madix appeared on Alexandra Cooper‘s podcast on Wednesday, where she revealed ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval hooked up with Raquel Leviss in their guest room as she slept in the bedroom they once shared.

But before the Vanderpump Rules cast member addressed a number of topics related to “Scandoval,” including whether Lisa Vanderpump knew the whole time and if Brock Davies was also involved with Raquel, multiple insiders spoke out about Raquel’s rumored pregnancy.

“Raquel is not pregnant,” sources confirmed to Entertainment Tonight on May 23. “People need to stop listening to unknown people on social media.”

While there have also been claims that Raquel is not in a mental health facility, but rather “hiding” at her grandmother’s home in Arizona, the sources also confirmed, “Raquel has been away seeking help at a mental health treatment facility, not in hiding.”

A second source added that “rumors need to stop so everyone can heal and move forward.”

Meanwhile, on the May 24 episode of Call Her Daddy, Ariana addressed the claims of a pregnancy herself.

“I don’t think so,” Ariana replied of Raquel in a clip shared by a Pump Rules fan page on Instagram.

Then, after saying Sandoval and Raquel “maybe” began hooking up during the time Raquel was engaged to James Kennedy, but asking, “What difference really would that make,” Ariana shot down the idea that Lisa was in the know about Sandoval and Raquel’s affair.

“She would’ve brought that up very early on because again, there’s a lot of speculation of like, things being staged or whatever, this all happening after filming, just from a logistic production standpoint, not to mention the fact that this is my real life and these are my feelings, and this is something we’re really going through. But, for those naysayers, just from a production standpoint, something like this happening months and months after we’re not filming and there’s no cameras around, and they had to borrow a crew from [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] to even film after, that is a nightmare for production and for our show,” Ariana explained.

“Everything that’s gonna happen, you want that to happen in real time while we’re filming cuz otherwise, you lose it. It’s gone. It’s hearsay,” she continued. “Something happens off-camera, that’s like, not ideal. So again, if Lisa knew, there’s no way. That’s not possible.”

Also not possible is the idea that Raquel also hooked up with Scheana Shay‘s husband.

“Oh no, no. I don’t think so. No. There’s no way,” Ariana stated.

Although Ariana has been through a lot in recent months, she said she’d only leave Pump Rules if there were safety concerns.

“Anything that like, makes me feel unsafe or for my dog to be unsafe,” she noted. “Anything safety-wise would be, I think, the only thing that would make any of us be like, “We’re not coming back to film.’ But I can’t see that.”

During another segment of Call Her Daddy, Ariana opened up about Sandoval and Raquel sleeping together in her home.

“They had sex in my guest room while I was sleeping in my own bed that he and I went to bed in together and then he left the bed and went to the guest room and f-cked her,” Ariana revealed on the podcast, via Page Six.

According to Ariana, she may have “turned a blind eye” to Sandoval and Raquel’s flirtation in the months leading up to the discovery of their affair.

The Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion premieres tonight, May 24, at 9/8c on Bravo.