Scheana Shay on Tom Sandoval Admitting He Cheated “More Than Once,” Raquel Having “No Remorse,” and Reveals Pump Rules Finale Moment That Left Her “Shaking”

by Lindsay Cronin
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Scheana Shay on Sandoval Admitting He Cheated "More Than Once," Raquel Having "No Remorse," and Reveals Pump Rules Finale Moment That Left Her "Shaking"

Scheana Shay claims Tom Sandoval admitted on camera that he cheated on Ariana Madix “more than once” prior to his months-long affair with Raquel Leviss, which resulted in their March split.

While also suggesting Sandoval has a “lot of regrets” about his relationship with Raquel and declaring the former beauty queen has “no remorse,” Scheana addressed Sandoval’s past cheating and the Vanderpump Rules season 10 finale moment that left her “shaking.”

“I was physically shaking. I was just like, texting as fast as I ‘Oh my God. Oh my God.’ Her smirk!” Scheana shared during a May 4 interview with Us Weekly.

According to Scheana, it was the smile on Raquel’s face as she laughed about her and Sandoval’s romance going “horribly wrong” that set her off.

“That’s why, the night in New York, after she grabbed my wrist, it was just like, I had to get her away from me because it was that same look and smirk. And it was just like, ‘Oops. Got caught. My bad.’ No remorse,” she explained.

And after being asked if she feels Raquel has remorse now, Scheana gave a firm “no” before shading Raquel as a “sociopath” for getting so upset about her pageant as she betrayed Ariana.

“It was like, sociopathic. It was very bizarre to just see someone cry so hard over a pageant and not ruining their best friend’s relationship,” Scheana stated.

As for Sandoval, Scheana does believe he has regrets, although she criticized him for putting blame on Ariana.

“I know he absolutely has a lot of regrets and I don’t know how much you’ll see in our conversation [and] then we have a whole reunion,” she teased. “[But] I think he could’ve handled everything a lot better and it’s like, ‘Oh you’re in fight or flight mode.’ Maybe you should’ve just chosen flight and crawled into a hole until this passed. Let’s not try to double down. Let’s not try to blame Ariana. Let’s not try to say, ‘This happened because.’ No. You’re wrong. End of story.”

Looking forward to season 11, which has yet to be confirmed, Scheana hopes the cast can heal. However, when it comes to filming with Sandoval and Raquel, she isn’t so sure what that would look like.

“I can picture it because I’ve had to picture it because I feel that’s the name of the game but I can’t envision what type of event that would be at,” she reasoned. “It would have to be something Lisa Vanderpump hosts. You’re not getting invited to any birthday parties. That’s for sure.”

Meanwhile, on the latest episode of her podcast, which featured Peter Madrigal as a guest, Scheana discussed Sandoval’s cheating admission.

“As you see in the trailer, he said it was more than once,” Scheana said on the May 5 episode of Scheananigans, via Us Weekly. “[He cheated on Ariana Madix more than once] with someone else — if not many else. Who knows? That will be [discussed] in the finale, but you saw him say it was more than once.”

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