Scheana Shay Talks “Disgusting” Photo of Tom Sandoval and Raquel in Mexico, Her “Vile” Visit to Ariana’s Home, and Sandoval’s Past Cheating, Plus If She’ll Film With Them

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Scheana Shay Talks "Disgusting" Photo of Tom Sandoval and Raquel in Mexico, Her "Vile" Visit to Ariana's Home, and Sandoval's Past Cheating, Plus If She'll Film With Them

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Scheana Shay claims one of her friends recently discovered a “disgusting” photo of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss taken last summer, months before the shocking reveal of their affair.

Before addressing the new couple’s alleged sleepover at the home Sandoval shares with his ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix, the victim of their disturbing betrayal, Sandoval’s past cheating, and the recently-filmed reunion, Scheana said Sandoval and Raquel were caught looking cozy at a photo taken during her wedding week in Mexico.

“One of my girlfriends was like, ‘So I was at the pool the morning of your wedding and I was just looking back at some of my photos and there’s literally one with Tom and Raquel in the background in a cabana just hanging out at the pool together,'” Scheana recalled during a March 30 appearance on Amazon Live. “They knew that Ariana was occupied with me as a good friend and a good bridesmaid so they took that time to hang out. It’s just so disgusting.”

And equally disgusting to Scheana was Raquel’s visit to Sandoval and Ariana’s home on Wednesday (Sandoval’s rep denied it was a sleepover).

“I got actual disgusting body chills this morning when I saw Page Six that she spent the night at his house while Ariana was out of town,” Scheana stated. “Vile is one word to describe it.”

According to Scheana, the visit occurred just as she was in court to address the restraining order Raquel filed against her in early March, in which she alleged (and Scheana denied) that Scheana punched her.

“It clearly shows where her priorities were,” Scheana noted. “She literally spent the night at Tom and Ariana’s house while she was out of town. Like you can’t go to your hotel? You can’t go to your studio apartment? I mean, the level of disrespect is like at an all-time high.”

Although Scheana was understandably shocked that Sandoval cheated on Ariana with their mutually close friend, Raquel, she admitted she wasn’t shocked he cheated.

He’s cheated in the past, and you’ll also find out some more things in the scene I filmed with him as well as at the reunion,” she revealed. “I was definitely surprised with how it happened. Who it was with. How long it had been going on for, like oh my god, but I can’t say that I’m surprised that he cheated.”

Moving forward, Scheana said she has no intentions of filming future scenes with Raquel or Sandoval.

“I have nothing else to say to either of them. The way she has treated me and done all of this. The amount of emotional distress this has caused me, I want nothing to do with her. [And] I’ve already said everything I want to say to Sandoval,” she explained. “I don’t know that I have anything to film with either of them about for next season.”

“The people who are going to film with either of them are definitely limited,” she added.

While the 10th season of Pump Rules was already complete at the time the news broke of Sandoval and Raquel’s affair, Scheana and her co-stars went back into production to capture the fallout after “Ariana alerted production.”

“The next day we had cameras pick back up, and there’s definitely a leak somewhere, don’t know exactly where, but it definitely got out after production was notified,” Scheana revealed.

When Scheana was then asked if she was ready to give 23-month-old Summer Moon a sibling, she confirmed she is not.

“[Brock Davies] definitely [wants to]. I am not there yet,” she admitted. “I think when Summer is like 4 that might be a good time, but I had a very traumatic labor, and I got HELLP syndrome, and it was really scary, so I’m emotionally, mentally, I’m not there yet. I would love to give Summer a sibling, whether that is via surrogate, adoption or we just roll the dice.”

As for the reunion, Scheana said that the near-brawl between her castmates (who she previously confirmed were not Sandoval and Tom Schwartz) occurred within “the first five minutes” of the taping.

“People are already out of their seats coming at each other. [Andy Cohen] had to step in, production had to step in, it was a lot right off the bat. I was not ready for that,” she teased.

Also, on Amazon Live, Scheana revealed which Pump Rules castmates she’s closest to.

“Ariana has been my best friend, my ride or die from day one, but Lala and I have just gotten so so close, especially over the last like five months with the girls, with her buying a house right next door to me in Palm Springs,” Scheana shared. “Our moms are best friends, the babies are best friends. We now have come together, and we are best friends, so I’m definitely super close with Ariana and Lala, and I love them.”

Vanderpump Rules season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.