Scheana Shay Reveals “Red Flags” She Overlooked With Raquel Leviss, Details Their Physical Altercation in NYC, Why She Was “So Enraged,” & Addresses Jax’s Claim

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Scheana Shay Reveals How Her "Hands Ended Up" on Raquel Amid NYC Spat, Why She Was "So Enraged," and "Red Flags," Plus Pump Rules Reunion Fight

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Scheana Shay is telling all about what really happened between her and Raquel Leviss in New York City after she learned of Raquel’s shocking affair with Tom Sandoval, the then-boyfriend of her best friend, Ariana Madix.

Following the dismissal of Raquel’s restraining order against her on Wednesday, the Vanderpump Rules cast member welcomed Lala Kent to her podcast, where the two of them discussed her and Raquel’s Big Apple spat, the drama-filled reunion taping, and Raquel’s “red flags.”

“My hands ended up on her after she grabbed my wrist. And no, I did not punch her. As we’ve established, I can’t really form a fist with these nails,” Scheana shared on the March 31 episode of Scheananigans.

Still, when looking back at the encounter, Scheana admitted she “was a biter,” rather than a “barker.”

“I had no words because nothing was getting through to her and when she touched me, I was just, I was so enraged, I was just like, ‘Get off me. Get out of my space. I don’t want you anywhere near me,’” Scheana revealed. “I needed her away from me in that moment. The fact that she had, not a single tear, no remorse. It was just like, ‘Oops. Slept with him for seven months. My bad.'”

“That was what enraged me so much that night in New York, is that there was not one tear in her eye. I’m sobbing. Ariana’s sobbing. We are so deeply hurt and affected by this and she’s just standing there,” Scheana continued.

And she was equally frustrated by Raquel’s antics at the reunion.

“She sat at the reunion and didn’t shed one tear,” she revealed.

Looking back at the past several months, during which she was quite close to Raquel, Scheana admits “there were a lot of flags” she overlooked.

“Watching back the show now, I’m like, ‘How did I miss the signs? How did I not see that? How could I allow someone so evil and just … into my home, around my family, over for holidays?’” she wondered, recalling an incident in which she discussed Raquel babysitting her nearly-two-year-old daughter, Summer. “I recently made a joke with her about [her babysitting], I was like, ‘What happened to when I was pregnant and your mom said what a good babysitter you were?’ I was like, ‘You haven’t offered to babysit once for me.’ And she was like, ‘Oh I will,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t trust you with my kid. I actually wouldn’t allow you to babysit.’”

According to Scheana, the first sign that something was going on between Raquel and Sandoval was late last year, when Raquel didn’t post photos as she attended one of Sandoval’s shows in Rosewood, California.

“That was the first time out of all the things that I said to you, that was the first time I could see the wheels going. You were like, ’Wait. That is weird,’” Lala agreed. “[You were] saying, ‘If the smallest chance that believes this is true is actually true I will never be friends with them again.’ And I told you, ‘You need to prepare to never be friends with them again.’”

“From that, then I started seeing things,” Scheana admitted. “I noticed her location was off, when I just went to check and see if she made it home safe one night because she didn’t respond to my texts. ‘Location not loading, not available.’ I’m like, ‘That’s weird.’”

Also on the podcast, Scheana reacted to reports of Jax Taylor claiming it was Sandoval and Tom Schwartz who were involved in a near-brawl at the reunion (he actually said it was the “two boys”).

“I saw Jax put out some misinformation, he said it was Tom and Tom. We’re just gonna say that’s not who it was,” she stated.

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