Jax Taylor Claims Sandoval Cheated on Ariana Multiple Times, Snubbed Her for Raquel After Grandma’s Death, and Confirms He Was Asked to Film for Pump Rules

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Jax Taylor Claims Sandoval Cheated on Ariana Multiple Times, Snubbed Her for Raquel After Grandmother's Death, and Confirms He Was Asked Back to Pump Rules

Jax Taylor claims Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix more than once in recent years.

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday night, the Vanderpump Rules alum, who claims he was asked to return to the show amid season 10, accused Sandoval of being a serial cheater as he recalled his former friend allegedly refusing to leave a party with Raquel Leviss after the death of Ariana’s grandmother.

“Yes. 100 percent. 100 percent …  There’s been other times,” Jax confirmed of Sandoval’s infidelity on the March 22 episode of WWHL.

“Like what?” wife Brittany Cartwright asked in response.

“It doesn’t matter if you did it one or 10 times. You did it,” Jax replied, confirming to host Andy Cohen that Sandoval’s cheating occurred in the “last couple years.”

“How would you know? … I would’ve told Ariana if I knew those things,” Brittany clapped back.

But Jax only said “I just know things” and admitted that he “wasn’t there but [he] was around.”

According to Jax, his last encounter with Sandoval was at an event also attended by Raquel.

“They were together and I remember, I think Ariana called him and said, ‘Hey my grandmother,’ was it passed away or got sick or something, and he didn’t go home. He didn’t leave,” Jax recalled. “He used the fact that he couldn’t get an Uber and meanwhile people were coming in and out of the house all day long.”

Since the reveal of his affair with Raquel, Sandoval and his businesses have faced backlash. And on Thursday, he was expected to face his castmates.

Speaking of what they hope to see at the taping, Brittany, who does not think Sandoval and Raquel are in love, said she wants to know how Sandoval feels now that he “always judges everybody else” and Jax wondered if Sandoval will say, “I’m sorry.”

“How do you feel now after putting me through the ringer and calling me every name?” he asked. “He’s a big hypocrite, extremely big hypocrite and I just, I kinda wanna know, like, how do you feel now? Do you have any apologies for anybody?”

Because Sandoval and Raquel’s affair went on around the same time she was getting flirty with his best friend, Tom Schwartz, some have accused him of being a decoy. And while Schwartz has denied any such thing, Jax said he definitely knew of the affair before everyone else.

“I talk to Schwartz every day so I know for a fact, for a hundred percent fact, on my child, he told me he knew,” Jax revealed. “He goes, ‘I knew for a while,’ and kinda like left it at that but then he said, ‘I tried to tell him to come forward with it.’ So that’s what he’s told me, verbatim. I gotta take his word for it.”

When he and Brittany were then asked about Schwartz’s divorce from Katie Maloney, Jax said, “They’re good friends and that’s about it,” as Brittany agreed, “They are better as friends.”

Jax then confirmed that after venturing to Mexico for Scheana Shay‘s wedding, he and Brittany were asked to film after Andy revealed they stayed at a different resort because they “didn’t want to be on camera.”

“We just didn’t wanna like … We wanted to make this about Scheana,” he explained. “We wanted to enjoy our vacation. It wasn’t to take anything away from … They asked us if we would be interested in filming and we kinda were just like, ‘Let’s let this be about them.’”

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Jax accused Katie of cheating, giving a nod to an incident seasons ago in which she was “motor-boating the D” before clarifying that he doesn’t know it as a “fact,” and he pointed out that Raquel’s real name is “Rachel.”

“Well your name’s Jason,” Andy noted.

“But I own that,” he clarified. “I’ve had this name for so long but I don’t deny. If someone says, ‘Is your real name this?’ Yeah.”

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