Lisa Vanderpump Addresses Tom & Raquel Affair, If Scheana Slapped Raquel, and What Schwartz Knew, Plus If She’ll Buy Out Sandoval, & Decries “Vigilante Justice”

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Lisa Vanderpump Addresses Scandoval, If Scheana Slapped Raquel, and What Schwartz Knew of Affair, Plus How Ariana is Doing and If She'll Buy Out Sandoval

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Lisa Vanderpump appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she shared her reaction to the recent reveal of Tom Sandoval‘s alleged months-long affair with Raquel Leviss.

In addition to commenting on Scheana Shay‘s rumored assault on Raquel, offering an update on the status of her professional relationship with Sandoval, and sharing how Ariana Madix has been coping with the news, Lisa admitted that the Vanderpump Rules scandal has left her feeling “gobsmacked” and “flabbergasted.”

“I mean, I literally had no words. I didn’t see it coming — nobody saw it coming,” Lisa revealed on the March 8 episode of WWHL.

When Raquel reportedly copped to her affair with Sandoval while in New York City with Scheana to appear on WWHL, Scheana was said to have flipped, giving Raquel a black eye. And while the images she provided of the said black eye have been pulled into question, Lisa told host Andy Cohen that she believes Scheana did, in fact, get physical with her now-ex-friend.

“Yeah. I think she did. I think she slapped her around the chops,” Lisa said. “But you know what? Her feelings would be running really high because Ariana was her best friend for like 12 years … They grew up together. So she very much kind of has Ariana’s back.”

There have also been reports claiming Tom Schwartz was in the know about the rumored affair prior to its reveal last Friday.

“Schwartz and Sandy, I think they are so close, I mean I’d of been less surprised if you said Schwartz and Sandy got together rather than Scandoval and Raquel,” Lisa joked. “But I think he sits on the fence so tight it’s up his a–. It’s true and I think he tries to placate everything and play both sides. I do think he knew something but we’ll find out.”

One of the main concerns on the minds of many has been the future of Sandoval and Schwartz’s businesses, including Schwartz & Sandy’s and TomTom, which Lisa co-owns with the Toms and her husband, Ken Todd.

“Well you’re gonna see something in the reunion that the dynamic did change,” Lisa teased.

But when it comes to a potential buyout, Lisa confirmed they haven’t discussed any such thing.

“They’re my partners. I’m gonna stick by them unless they need the money,” she stated. “I don’t know … It’s so quick and it feels like such a rough and bumpy ride, I haven’t really made any decisions about anything.”

“I never really trusted Tom as a business partner,” she continued. “I mean, I trust that he wouldn’t steal or anything like that but to follow through, I mean you’ve seen the show right? It’s been a lot of head-banging on my part. I wanna be really direct about my feelings here, I love each and every one of them … But sometimes no. I mean, I wouldn’t leave my baby with them, for sure.”

She’s also stayed out of Ariana’s incoming sandwich shop of Katie Maloney.

“I was never planning [to invest] … I’m there to support them but I don’t want to be in business with every single person that works for me,” she explained.

When Lisa was then asked about the impassioned fans’ reactions to Scandoval, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum seemed to be compassionate toward the situation.

“This, because, this kind of vigilante justice I don’t agree with at all. I think these are people that are living their life in a public forum, which is very difficult. There’s so much infidelity in the world. It’s not like they murdered somebody,” she reasoned. “It’s a show but they’re all hurting. And I am not saying we should let them off the hook. Condemn their actions but don’t condemn the people.”

Continuing on, Lisa threw some shade at her former co-stars, Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna.

“All this aggression, it can have serious ramifications. I really mean that. I think everyone should be careful with that. I don’t like it and I don’t want to see it unless it’s to Kyle or Lisa Rinna,” she stated.

As filming continues and Sandoval and Raquel reportedly keep seeing each other, Lisa admitted she’s unsure about whether or not they’re in love.

“Well, I don’t know. It’s been going a long time. That’s what’s so shocking to me. It wasn’t a shag,” she noted. “[But I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in love] because it’s been so long. I think they had a game plan, I think it was to get through the reunion, then to let the bomb kind of drop and if there was another season, then have a few weeks, a few months for people to get used to it. But just by the longevity, I mean, I thought he was in love with Ariana.”

In addition to having seen Ariana post-scandal, Lisa said the two of them have also filmed together and shared how Ariana is holding up.

“Obviously it’s an integral part of the story now. We’ve got to tell the real story,” she explained. “I would say the word I would use [to describe her] is devastated. A lot of tears. Ariana was always that ride-or-die girlfriend … It seems like Raquel was the ‘ride’ girlfriend, she was the ‘die’ girlfriend.”

Answering a question from a fan, Lisa revealed if she felt it was hypocritical for Lala to weigh in on Sandoval and Raquel’s alleged affair after having her own affair with James Kennedy while dating Randall Emmett.

“That’s kind of very different,” Lisa insisted. “I also think that Sandoval has repeatedly called Lala out for not living her authentic life, being honest when she was with Randall, and she’s really been kinda under the hammer with Sandoval, and now she’s just like ‘I’m gonna be eating good next time I see you.’ I take it she’s not happy.”

Also on WWHL, Lisa was asked about Raquel going after Oliver to compete with Lala on the latest episode of Pump Rules.

“Who wouldn’t go after Oliver?” she wondered. “He’s a chip off the old block. [Garcelle Beauvais’] son, she asked me to give him a job and I was kind of [hesitant] but he’s been a blessing. it’s a win-win. He’s a good guy [and] I love Oliver.”

And when asked if Raquel applied for her job at SUR Restaurant as Rachel or Raquel, Lisa said she “probably” filed out an application under her reported real name, “Rachel.”

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