Scheana Shay Claims Raquel Threw Her Under the Bus, Shares Update With Stassi, Talks Katie Drama & If She’s in Touch With Randall

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Scheana Shay Claims Raquel Threw Her Under the Bus, Shares Update With Stassi, Talks Katie Drama & If She's in Touch With Randall

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Scheana Shay appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she discussed a number of Vanderpump Rules-related topics.

Before reacting to Stassi Schroeder‘s baby news, offering an update on where they stand, and revealing if she’s still in touch with Lala Kent‘s ex-fiancé, Randall Emmett, Scheana reacted to claims of “pushing” Raquel Leviss on Tom Schwartz following his split from Katie Maloney, admitting that she did feel Raquel threw her under the bus on Tuesday’s show.

“She made it sound like I was pushing her when I wasn’t pushing,” Scheana explained on the March 1 episode of WWHL.

And in response, Raquel, who was also featured as a guest on WWHL, clarified, “I didn’t mean to say yes to Scheana pushing me. I just meant to say, ‘Yeah, Scheana mentioned it to me.’ She did [give me the idea].”

Although Scheana denied “pushing” Raquel on Schwartz, she did admit to promoting them as a couple on her podcast and said she regretted how things played out.

“Not about doing the podcast but I would’ve done things a little differently had I known Katie didn’t actually mean what she told me verbatim,” Scheana explained, giving a nod to a conversation they had in Vegas in which Katie said she wanted to see Schwartz move on.

“Katie put it in my head and I repeated it so don’t shoot the messenger,” Scheana added.

Scheana then noted that if cameras hadn’t been rolling on Tuesday’s show, Schwartz would’ve definitely made out with Raquel.

“One thousand percent,” she confirmed.

Looking back at Pump Rules season 10, Scheana stands by her claim that Katie was on board with Schwartz and Raquel’s fling, even after a fan wanted to know how she’d feel if Katie pushed Brock Davies to hook up with someone in the friend group.

“From that perspective, of course I would not be okay with it. However, Katie is the one who put this idea in my head which I then transferred into Raquel’s head. So I stand by it,” she declared. “We literally had a conversation. ‘They would be a good match.’ She was okay with it and wanted Schwartz to move on and so I helped facilitate that. I thought I was doing Katie a favor, to be honest.”

Because Stassi announced her pregnancy hours prior to Scheana’s appearance, Andy Cohen mentioned the baby news on his show and asked for Scheana’s thoughts — and their current status.

“We’re not, like super in touch but I reached out today, I sent her congratulations. I’m genuinely so freaking happy for her. I know she wanted this so much so I’m so excited for her,” she revealed.

As for why the Toms were so against not having Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd as business partners on Schwartz & Sandy’s, Scheana admitted she wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know, actually, because I feel like Lisa’s a better business partner than Greg,” she noted.

Later, on the WWHL After Show, the guest bartender asked Scheana why she and Katie haven’t bonded over their divorces.

“I honestly tried,” Scheana replied. “I felt like I offered a space for both her and Schwartz, if they needed any support, help in whatever aspect, I was there. [But] Katie is not really asking for help or saying what she needs and Schwartz was really in a slump and he really needed that boost.”

“I felt like initially, I was trying to be there for both of them but she kind of rejected it and there were several unanswered texts that I sent to her,” she added.

“Maybe she didn’t want your help,” Andy suspected.

“Maybe,” Scheana agreed. “It’s fine. I tried.”

Then, when a virtual audience member asked Scheana if she and Brock cut ties with Randall out of respect for Lala and wondered how they felt about Schwartz’s relationship with him, Scheana confirmed she and her husband are no longer in touch with the producer.

“We have not talked to that person, if we’re gonna even refer to him as that, in a very, very long time and I don’t think Schwartz has either,” she shared. “It was a one-time pickleball thing. He learned his lesson, and no, there’s no more.”

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