REPORT: Tom Sandoval Threatens to Quit Vanderpump Rules, Fears He’ll Be Painted in “Negative Light” as He and Raquel Kiss on Camera, Plus Jax Reacts

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REPORT: Tom Sandoval Threatens to Quit Pump Rules, Fears He'll Be Painted in "Negative Light" as He and Raquel Film as a "Couple," Kiss for the Camera

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Tom Sandoval is reportedly threatening to quit filming Vanderpump Rules over concerns he’ll be painted in a “negative light” in the extended scenes of season 10.

After filming a scene with Raquel Leviss on Saturday, during which the two of them, who are accused of having a six-month affair behind the back of his girlfriend and her friend, Ariana Madix, allegedly shared a kiss, Sandoval expressed his frustrations with producers, demanding to reshoot the scene — or else.

“Tom wasn’t happy with how the scene went with Raquel and felt like it was going to paint him in a negative light. He told producers he’d like to re-film the scene, but producers weren’t having it,” a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight on March 7. “Tom told production that he would no longer shoot Vanderpump Rules if they don’t listen to him.”

Even Sandoval’s ex-friend and former castmate, Jax Taylor, shared the claims on Twitter.

“Funny he’s now refusing to film and did the exact same thing when the Miami girl was in town,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet, also adding a hashtag, via a Pump Rules fan page on Instagram, for “own your sh-t.”

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Calls Out Sandoval for Refusing to Film Pump Rules

Although Sandoval is reportedly unhappy with how production is going, an insider told Entertainment Tonight that he is scheduled to film again in the coming days as his castmates continue to take stands against him.

“Tom and Raquel’s incident has created a major split in the group with almost everyone against Tom and Raquel,” another source explained. “The group feels like Tom has been going through some sort of midlife crisis, with the creation of his band and acting out at times. The girls are rallying around Ariana, but know in time she’ll be OK.”

Meanwhile, according to a third source, Sandoval and Raquel are “filming as a couple” despite his concerns about being painted in a negative light.

“Tom and Raquel are filming as a couple. What they’ve shot so far, they look like boyfriend and girlfriend,” the insider shared.

In fact, according to a second report, Sandoval and Raquel allegedly locked lips for the cameras at Raquel’s apartment.

“They kissed on camera,” a source told Page Six on March 7, with a second describing their romance as “complicated.”

Prior to Sandoval and Raquel’s scene over the weekend, producers filmed with Sandoval and Ariana at their $2 million home in Valley Village, where Ariana reportedly felt “gaslit” and “perturbed” by their conversation.

“He gave her several excuses as to why he never copped to cheating,” an insider revealed, adding that “he didn’t tell her about the affair with [Raquel] because he was worried about how it would impact her mental health … [Ariana] has recapped what happened with her friends and castmates, the majority of whom are disappointed Tom seems unable to take accountability for his actions or express substantial remorse.”

“Of course, they’ve been rallying behind her in the passing days,” the insider added.

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