Tom Sandoval Talks Feeling “Pressure” in Ariana Relationship as Vanderpump Rules Couple Teases Restaurant Collab

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Tom Sandoval Talks Feeling "Pressure" in Ariana Relationship as Pump Rules Couple Reveals "Key Details" to Romance and Teases Restaurant Collab

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Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix are one of the longest-running couples of Vanderpump Rules. And according to Sandoval, that doesn’t come without “pressure.”

After nearly a decade of dating, during which a number of other show couples called it quits, Sandoval and Ariana shared the “key ingredients” that have helped keep their relationship intact while also addressing their potential future collaborations, both in the restaurant industry and entertainment.

“It’s a lot of pressure,” Tom recently admitted to “But we don’t really think about it like that. People’s relationships are where they need to be. Some have run their course. I don’t really think of it like us outlasting or anything like that.”

Although Sandoval and Ariana were targeted with rumors claiming they’re in an open relationship amid Pump Rules season 10, Ariana doesn’t understand where they came from.

“I don’t know what gives, but we are in a monogamous relationship,” she confirmed.

As for what’s kept the two of them together for so many years, Tom said he and Ariana have “good banter” and “communication” and love going on “adventures together.” Ariana also said “being friends first” is important.

“Because when you’re friends with somebody in addition to being in a relationship with them — or before being in a relationship with them — you really get to know that person on a level that’s not just ‘I think they’re hot. Do they think I’m hot?’ I think that level of connection is really important,” she explained.

According to Ariana, there’s a lot that attracts her to Sandoval, including his humor and passion.

“I think Tom’s really funny,” she said. “And I like the way he goes full-on with everything he does. Even if Tom’s gonna sing a karaoke song, he’s gonna go full out!”

Meanwhile, Sandoval likes “how smart Ariana is.”

“I often refer to her as my information booth!” he revealed.

While taking questions from fans for, Ariana stated that Sandoval is listed as “Tom Sandoval Villa Blanca” in her phone, which is a nod to their former workplace. Sandoval said Ariana is in his phone twice, as both “Ariana Madix” and “Ariana Villa Blanca.”

Then, after Ariana denied she and Sandoval have ever gotten intimate while Pump Rules was on, the couple was asked if they’d ever team up on a restaurant or bar.

“That’s definitely something we’re open to,” Tom replied. “I just need a minute after Schwartz & Sandy’s, and she’s working on the sandwich shop [with Katie Maloney].”

“People expect things to happen so fast on TV, but in real life, things take time! Maybe we’d do that one day, but it would be years down the line for sure,” added Ariana.

And regarding a potential collab between Ariana and his band, Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras, Sandoval said that while nothing is official quite yet, they’re “definitely down to have her come up and perform!”

“Maybe one day I’ll come up and do a song or two with the band, but the commitment is something that, if we were both involved in it, there would be no one here to feed the dogs and stuff!” Ariana teased.

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