Kristen Doute Shares Tom Sandoval’s Text Messages to Ariana After Affair, Alleges He’s “Gaslighting” Her, Plus She Reveals If Ariana’s Spoken to Raquel

by Lindsay Cronin
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Vanderpump Rules' Kristen Doute Says Sandoval Blames Ariana for Affair, Shares His Mean Text About Their Relationship, Plus If Ariana's Spoken to Raquel

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Kristen Doute appeared on Nick Viall‘s podcast on Thursday, where she opened up about the drama that’s taken place between Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix in the weeks since his affair with Raquel Leviss was exposed.

After blasting Sandoval, who she dated from 2006 to 2014, for blaming Ariana for his cheating and sharing a mean text he sent her about their nearly-decade-long relationship, the Vanderpump Rules star admitted Ariana is “humiliated” as she slammed Raquel as “f–king dumb” with “no personality.”

“I believe it was filmed — he was just gaslighting her. The was no genuine apology. He was saying how she never supports him, she doesn’t validate him,” Kristen shared on the March 16 episode of The Viall Files, via Entertainment Tonight. “He was blaming her … That is Tom to a T.”

After being brought back to Pump Rules following her June 2022 firing, Kristen filmed an emotional scene with Ariana, during which she shared texts from Sandoval.

“When I filmed with her, she’s like, crying and holding up her phone going, ‘So, he’s saying our relationship is that of convenience and contentment,’ or something. Not love and romance… She said that Tom said this about she and Tom,” Kristen added. “And she’s immediately just flooding tears, looking at her phone going, ‘So, all of these memories, all of these wonderful trips we took, all of these videos I have, all these kissing photos, this was all bullsh-t?'”

“She’s devastated. She’s humiliated,” Kristen continued.

While Kristen hasn’t seen Ariana since she returned from Mexico, where she attended a friend’s wedding, she told Nick that Ariana has told her it was “really nice to get away.”

“She’s not quite ready to come back to, you know, real life, but the conversation that we’ve essentially been having with her is like, she’s very nervous and afraid for the first time she’s going to have to sit alone with these thoughts and, like, truly deal with the reality of it all, post-filming,” Kristen explained. “I told her, I get it, but you don’t have to be there right now. There’s no timeline. Don’t force yourself.'”

Moving on to Raquel, Kristen said she can “see why Tom” chose her to cheat on Ariana with, as Raquel makes him feel “cool” and “talented.”

“Ariana has a backbone. Raquel does not. Raquel validates everything that Tom needs to be validated,” Kristen shared, as noted by Page Six, proceeding to slam Sandoval’s “stupid band and his sequined pants and his nail polish and his dumb haircuts and the pedophile mustache.”

As for Ariana’s communication with Raquel, Kristen said they’ve “definitely” not spoken since Ariana confronted Raquel about her affair with Sandoval on the phone.

“The network asked production at one point if Ariana would film with her,” Kristen claimed. “Production had her back. [They] were like … ‘It’s not happening.’”

The reunion will be “bad enough” for Ariana, she added.

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