Tom Sandoval Defends Lying About Raquel’s Sleepover at His and Ariana’s House While She Was Away in Vanderpump Rules Sneak Peek

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Tom Sandoval Defends Lying About Raquel’s Sleepover at His and Ariana’s House While She Was Away in Vanderpump Rules Sneak Peek

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Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss will be seen discussing their sleepover with Ariana Madix and their friends, including Scheana Shay, Tom Schwartz, and Brock Davies, on this week’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules.

After Sandoval first lies to the guys about Raquel staying at his home while Ariana was out of town at her grandmother’s funeral, he and Raquel, who he engaged in a months-long affair with beginning last summer, are seen explaining what happened to the group before he attempts to justify his dishonesty.

“Did anything happen when I was out of town?” Ariana asks in the sneak peek.

“There was a food tasting for the new menu at SUR and I was an hour and 30 minutes late,” Raquel replies as Schwartz says he heard she “looked like a bag of sh-t.”

“I did,” Raquel admits.

“What?” Ariana asks, laughing.

At that point, Sandoval was seen in a cast confessional, explaining what led to Raquel sleeping at his and Ariana’s place.

“After Beach Day, Schwartz, Raquel, and I all took a car back to my house, jumped into the jacuzzi, hung out, had some drinks, listened to music,” he shares.

“We went in the jacuzzi after going out,” Raquel confirms, back in the scene.

“Yeah, which is something we always do,” Ariana replies.

“Yeah. And then I stayed the night and I slept on the couch,” Raquel continues.

Looking back at Raquel’s visit, Sandoval recalls telling her, “Dude, go upstairs, go to the f-cking room.” Ariana agrees, saying she should have gone to “the guest room.”

“You don’t have to sleep on the couch,” Ariana tells Sandoval’s then-mistress.

“Get the f-ck out of here.’ She’s like crunched up on there,” Sandoval goes on.

But at that point, Scheana interjects, saying that her husband told her that he and Raquel had lied about the time they spent together in the home when Ariana was away.

“Brock said you guys lied and said she didn’t stay the night,” she stated.

Then, as a flashback is seen, Sandoval, Schwartz, Brock, and Peter Madrigal were seen sitting in a group, discussing whether or not Raquel had spent the night.

“We came back. Raquel grabbed Graham, dipped out,” Sandoval says.

“Wait, who slept over? Did Raquel stay? No, she went home,” Brock states.

And rather than coming clean, Sandoval nods, saying, “Yeah.”

Back in his confessional, Sandoval explains why he didn’t tell the truth.

“On the heels of, you know, the open relationship rumor and, obviously, Schwartz and Raquel making out in Mexico, we just thought maybe it’d be better if everyone didn’t know like, that little detail,” he notes. “I fully was going to tell Ariana but, like, we should’ve just told the truth. Like, stupid.”

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