Raquel Leviss’ Instagram is “Hacked” as Tom Sandoval Clip is Added, Plus Vanderpump Rules Star’s Rep Speaks Out as She Remains in Mental Health Facility

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Raquel Leviss' Team Claims Instagram Was "Hacked" After Sandoval Clip is Added, Find Out How Long the Pump Rules Star Will Be in Treatment

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Raquel Leviss‘ team announced on Tuesday that her Instagram account has been “hacked.”

As the Vanderpump Rules star continues to face speculation surrounding whether or not she’s in treatment for mental health concerns, as she previously claimed, her social media page was reportedly hijacked by someone who added a video of Tom Sandoval to her account.

“This account was hacked, and with the help of Instagram it has been reset and is now managed by Raquel’s team for the next month while she continues treatment,” Raquel’s team wrote on May 2.

“MAY is MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS month so Raquel has requested all of the posts focus on raising awareness for mental health organizations, advocates and removing the stigma surrounding treatment,” they added.

Vanderpump Rules Raquel Leviss Claims Instagram Was Hacked

According to an insider, the hacking occurred at the end of April.

“About a week ago, someone hacked her account and posted a Reel of Tom Sandoval dressed as her for Halloween. She has not seen her phone or a computer for four weeks,” the insider told Entertainment Tonight.

“It took her team two days to get in contact with Raquel to discuss with her how she wanted to handle it. She gets two daily opportunities to retrieve messages and call out, so it sometimes takes a minute to communicate. Raquel came up with the mental health awareness takeover for her account,” they continued.

As Pump Rules fans will recall, it was announced that she checked into a mental health facility in April with an insider telling Page Six it was a “long-haul program.”

“[Raquel] decided before the relationship [between herself and Sandoval] was discovered that she would enter a voluntary facility for mental health counseling,” another source told Entertainment Tonight. “She was scheduled to go in pre-reunion but decided she wanted to finish her filming commitment. Bravo and production were aware and in support of her journey towards better mental health.”

Weeks later, after Peter Madrigal and Dayna Kathan suggested Raquel was not in treatment but at a spa, Sandoval denied claims she wasn’t in treatment.

“Raquel is in a mental facility, no visitors,” he revealed to TMZ. “She’s there, whether she decides to tell you where that is after the fact, that’s where Raquel is, no visitors, no friends, no family, okay? No phone, no nothing.”

“Peter Madrigal and Dayna [Kathan], these people have absolutely no idea what’s going on,” he continued. “She’s in a mental health facility. I went to a resort, okay?”

Sandoval went on to say Raquel is “doing great” and getting the help she needs.

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