Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay Reacts to Brock & Raquel Hookup Rumor, Ariana’s New Man, If She Punched Raquel, and Unfollowing Billie

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Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay Reacts to Brock & Raquel Hookup Rumor, Ariana's New Man, If She Punched Raquel, and Unfollowing Billie

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Scheana Shay shared her thoughts on Ariana Madix‘s new man, Daniel Wai, on Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

While explaining what happened during her fight with Raquel Leviss, confirming she unfollowed Billie Lee after her hangouts with Tom Sandoval, and sharing Brock Davies‘ reaction to the rumors claiming he also kissed Raquel, the Vanderpump Rules star revealed how she felt about Tom Schwartz knowing about Sandoval and Raquel’s affair for months, and more.

“I just always thought she was such a good person with a good heart and was so sweet and so innocent and oh my God, was I fooled,” Scheana said of Raquel on the April 19 episode of WWHL.

During Wednesday’s episode of Pump Rules, suspicions about Sandoval and Raquel’s relationship first surfaced as Ally Lewber, the girlfriend of James Kennedy, revealed she caught the two of the dancing at The Abbey at 1:00 in the morning. However, at the time, Scheana thought “nothing” of it.

“I’m like, ‘I would dance with Sandoval at 1 a.m. at The Abbey.’ No big deal,” she recalled.

Although Sandoval and Raquel have continued to spend time together since their affair was revealed, while also claiming they are taking a “break,” Scheana doesn’t think they’ll last.

“I think they’re in this weird affair infatuation and it’s going to fade. It’s not going to last. And from what I’ve heard, it’s already very toxic,” she revealed.

In recent weeks, Schwartz has gotten tons of heat for not coming forward with Sandoval and Raquel’s relationship. But according to Scheana, it wasn’t his responsibility to share the news.

“I have always loved Schwartz and I understand that he was put in a very bad position,” she stated. “It wasn’t his place to tell Ariana. However, I do think that he should’ve said, ‘You know what Sandoval? If you don’t tell her by this date I’m going to.’ Because it went on for way too long and she needed to know.”

When Raquel was then asked how Raquel has been doing since entering treatment for her mental health, she signaled to recent claims that her castmate is actually at a spa.

“I heard she was at like a 5-star wellness retreat, resort. So I don’t know,” Scheana admitted. “I haven’t seen anything about it. That’s just what I heard.”

Scheana also heard claims of Brock kissing Raquel but said she doesn’t believe there’s “any truth” to the reports.

“I don’t think there’s any truth to that. I absolutely did question him because after all the Tom and Raquel stuff, which I didn’t think was true, I obviously had to ask,” she explained. “And he said, ‘Absolutely not.’ But I was like, ‘But, follow up question: Did she ever try?’ Because as much as I trust my husband, I don’t trust that h–.”

“He said, ‘No.’ He said he never put that energy off and we know Sandoval did,” she added.

As the episode continued, Scheana slammed Billie as “shady” and confirmed she “unfollowed her” on Instagram, just as Ariana seems to have done.

Also on the WWHL episode, Scheana shared what went down between her and Raquel in New York City last month after she learned of her affair with Sandoval.

“I did not punch her in the face. As you see I can’t really form a proper fist. Look, there’s a shove and there’s a punch and I did not punch her. I did [throw her phone],” she shared.

And she doesn’t regret it.

”No,” she responded to host Andy Cohen when he asked her.

As for Ariana’s new man, who she was caught kissing at Coachella, Scheana said, “[I] love him. I just met him at Coachella. He lives here [in New York] actually. I love him.”

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