Kristen Doute Claims James Kennedy Has “Dark” Truths That Will Come Out, Alleges She Was “Manipulated” by Production & LVP, & Reveals Where She Stands With Vanderpump Rules Cast

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VIDEO: Kristen Doute Claims James Kennedy Has “Dark” Truths That Will Come Out, Reveals Where She Stands with the Vanderpump Rules Cast, Plus Alleges She was “Manipulated” by Production and Lisa Vanderpump in “Miami Girl” Situation

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Kristen Doute has seen a resurgence in popularity after her cameo appearance on the explosive latest season of Vanderpump Rules amid ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval’s illicit affair with Raquel Leviss.

Many fans are calling for her to return to the show. In her latest interview, Kristen is revealing not only where she stands with Tom today, but she’s also alluding to the fact that her other ex, James Kennedy, has skeletons in his closet that will eventually surface.

James has recently been given the honor of the “number one guy in the group” on Vanderpump Rules after co-stars Sandoval and Tom Schwartz hit a very public dip in popularity among fans during season 10. Kristen, whose tumultuous relationship with the DJ was well-documented on Pump Rules, isn’t buying James’ “good guy” act.

“I am close with everybody that is an OG cast member,” Kristen revealed on a May 29 episode of the Good Guys podcast. “So that does not include James Kennedy. And I mean, currently, I am obviously not friends with Tom Sandoval.” She added, “That is a hard no.”

“It’s not gonna last long,” Kristen continued. “He can ride the wave this season, because why is he the number one guy in the group? Because he’s the only one not screwing up this particular season? Wow, congratulations you’re a grown man and you have one good summer of not messing up as badly as everybody else. The truth always comes out … no matter how long it takes.”

As the podcast hosts probed further into the reason behind Kristen’s vitriol towards James, Kristen refused to elaborate further, teasing, “It’s a little dark.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Kristen also gave listeners some more insight into her infamous tirade out of SUR that eventually led to her getting fired after allegedly being the mastermind behind season three’s “Miami Girl,” where she confronted Sandoval over cheating allegations.

Kristen insinuated that she was set up and “manipulated” as she claims not only did Pump Rules production know that the confrontation was going down, but Lisa Vanderpump did too. Kristen says she even had a call time. And for those reasons, Kristen says she could never go back to filming the show under those conditions.

“I could not go back to a show that would treat me like a little kid that needed to ask for a hall pass to go the bathroom, or try to like, manipulate my life or manipulate my conversations, as we can see in the season that I got fired from SUR…” Kristen began.

“Why I was so angry at that time was because I had a call time to be at SUR for this Miami girl to come in. I was not on the clock. I was there as a patron,” Kristen explained. “Everyone knew, like meaning production and Lisa.  [They] knew that this girl was coming in to confront Tom Sandoval, and it was going to get real messy.”

Kristen confirmed that the rest of the cast, including Tom and then-girlfriend Ariana Madix, did not have prior knowledge that the confrontation was going to take place.

“But production [knew.] They were the ones who set it all up. I didn’t give this girl a call time. Like, I didn’t fly her in,” she concluded.

Though Kristen won’t be returning to Vanderpump Rules in a full-time capacity anytime soon, she will be starring in Amazon’s new Freevee reality competition show THE GOAT alongside fellow Bravolebrities Jill Zarin and Reza Farahan.