Kristen Doute on Tom Cheating on Her With Ariana, Why James & Ally Won’t Last, Plus She Slams Lisa Vanderpump, & Talks Hypocrisy Claim, & Return to Pump Rules

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Kristen Doute on Sandoval "Gaslighting" Ariana, More Cheating, and Hypocrisy, Plus Tells LVP to "Suck a D-ck," Explains Return, and Says James and Ally Won't Last

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Kristen Doute was featured on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she addressed Tom Sandoval and Raquel Levissshocking affair and threw some shade at Lisa Vanderpump and James Kennedy.

In addition to explaining why she returned to Vanderpump Rules, Kristen revealed if she feels “vindicated,” looked back on the moment Ariana Madix learned of Sandoval’s cheating,  shared if Ariana would ever forgive Raquel as she forgave her, and offered advice to Raquel.

“No, Ariana should not forgive Raquel and I don’t think that she will — I think she’ll forgive her for herself but not for Raquel,” Kristen said on the WWHL: After Show, adding that Raquel should “just flee the country.”

Meanwhile, on the live broadcast, Kristen explained why she believes James and Ally are doomed.

“They’re not gonna last because she’s too smart,” Kristen explained on the May 3 episode of WWHL. “[From] what I’m seeing on TV, she has her sh-t together [and] she stands up for herself. So they won’t last.”

She also said she doesn’t keep in touch with her ex.

“I stay as far away as possible,” she stated.

During a “Who Should Suck a D-ck?” game, Kristen was asked to pick between Lisa and Diana, the manager of SUR Restaurant who she infamously told to “suck a d-ck,” resulting in her firing.

“LVP, suck a dick,” she declared. “I’m a pawn in her chess game and I’m over it. I’m 40.”

While Kristen and Lisa have been at odds for years, that didn’t stop Kristen from returning to Pump Rules to film additional episodes for season 10.

“I asked Ariana if she really, really wanted me to do it, and she said yes, so I did,” Kristen shared.

Because Ariana was accused of striking up a romance with Sandoval during his years-long relationship with Kristen, a select few Pump Rules have suggested she had been dealt with karma. But Kristen disagrees.

“I’m the one that gets to say this. No one else’s opinion matters. It is not the same thing. She didn’t deserve it. Not at all,” Kristen clarified, later adding, “I don’t feel vindicated. It’s really sad. He and Ariana have been together almost a decade. They own a home together.”

Since “Scandoval” broke in early March, rumors of additional cheating from Sandoval have swirled. And according to Kristen, she knows of at least one incident.

“I’ve heard of multiple things that are now coming out of the woodwork, no one that I know personally, but when he and [Tom Schwartz were] doing appearances together, a friend of a friend hooked up with him,” she alleged.

Looking back at the moment Ariana realized Sandoval had been cheating on her with Raquel, during which she uncovered a sexual video of Raquel on her then-boyfriend’s phone, Kristen confirmed she was present.

“I was there the night that the phone fell out of the pocket,” Kristen revealed. “Ariana disappeared and her phone and purse were sitting at the chair next to me. A lot of fans were around. I grabbed them, couldn’t find her for 20 minutes. I wanted to leave, gave it to a friend of hers, and then didn’t talk to her until Friday morning.”

“That was a Wednesday but Thursday morning, I’m getting all these texts. I’m going, ‘No, you guys, I was with them last night. No way.’ And then Friday I went to Ariana’s,” she continued.

At another moment of the show, Kristen was asked why she feels she’s allowed to have an opinion on “Scandoval” when she was involved in a similar scandal after cheating on Sandoval with best friend Stassi Schroeder‘s then-boyfriend, Jax Taylor, years prior.

“I knew this was coming. This was like 12, 13 years ago, like, everyone, move past it,” she replied. “And I also apologized, and as you know, I sat in the mud for almost two years, begging for apologies, waiting for my actions to speak louder than my words.”

On recent episodes of Pump Rules, cast members have begun to pick up on red flags, including the way Sandoval had been speaking about Raquel, which was reminiscent of how he spoke of Ariana during his relationship with Kristen.

“Verbatim. There was like a TikTok some girl did where she did it side by side from the reunions past where Tom and Ariana were first together and like, ‘magnetic,’ ‘we kissed,’ ‘the sunrise,’ ‘best friend,’ I mean, it was verbatim the same thing,” Kristen admitted.

Kristen also said there were similarities in Sandoval’s claims about his split from Ariana and their own split.

“It’s the same thing he said about me. Be a man. If you wanna break up, break up,” she advised, giving a nod to Sandoval suggesting Ariana was in “denial.”

“It’s just an excuse. It’s what he does,” Kristen continued of Sandoval’s claims of a lack of intimacy with Ariana. “He reaches for anything. He’s been gaslighting Ariana the whole time, even on [Howie Mandel’s podcast]. Why can’t you just say ‘I’m sorry.’ Not ‘I’m sorry, but there was this, and it was her fault, and this is why.’ Just say, ‘I’m sorry. I’m a trash human being.’ And then when you’re better, show it.”

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