PHOTOS: Fans Voice Concern for Erika Jayne Amid Rapid Weight Loss, Plus RHOBH Star’s Rep Speaks and Jim Wilkes Addresses Rumors

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PHOTOS: ‘RHOBH’ Star Erika Jayne Sparks Health Concerns Amid Rapid Weight Loss, See What Fans Are Saying as Her Rep and Attorney Jim Wilkes Address Dating Rumors

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are becoming concerned for shrinking star, Erika Jayne, amid her rapid weight-loss transformation.

The entertainer, who is currently gearing up for her Las Vegas residency, which begins in August, has been photographed on several occasions looking what many fans consider “gaunt” and “barely recognizable.” The singer’s slimmer figure has sparked concern among followers and haters alike.

Erika was recently photographed walking through Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas with the married attorney, Jim Wilkes , sparking romance rumors, but what really caught viewer’s attention was Erika’s tiny frame in the photo as she donned high heel pumps, skinny red leather leggings, and an oversized long-sleeved graphic tee.

Check out the photo obtained by podcaster @blndhairblckhrt.

Twitter users flocked to the comments section to voice their concern over Erika’s health and suspected diabetes drug, Ozempic, use that’s become Hollywood’s go-to weight-loss alternative.

“She looks like she’s lost too much weight. Not her biggest fan, but I hope she’s okay,” one user wrote.

Another added, “Dead serious? This is her? Yikes I know we been joking about the ozempic use but this looks more. I hope she’s ok. Sad thing is the reason I loved her when she first showed up cuz she wasn’t a typical BH body type. For real tho I hope she’s ok.”

While a third agreed, “I’ve never *loved* Erika, but early on I appreciated her as a character, and above all that always loved her physique. It really bums me out to see her like this in all honesty. No body shaming, but this feels unnaturally achieved so take that as you will.”

Another lamented, “I barely even recognized her! She has lost a lot of weight. I don’t know why she even thought she needed to lose weight. She had some nice curves before.”

Criticism of Erika’s weight comes on the heels of RHOBH costar and friend, Kyle Richards, imploring why the public isn’t being as critical of Erika’s drop in weight compared to the social media backlash her own weight loss has been subjected to.

“I’m wondering why don’t people talk about her enough, she’s way skinnier than me,” Kyle recently told Art Bodega Magazine. “I’m like, ‘Why are people talking about me?’ I’m so confused because she’s really lost a lot of weight.”

Body image issues aside, the above photo also sparked rumors that Jim Wilkes, the attorney seen alongside her, was romantically linked to Erika amid her divorce from her estranged husband, Thomas Girardi.

However, it turns out that the rumors are just that, rumors. Jim is currently married and maintains that he and Erika are just “friends” and is also acting as her lawyer for the time being.

Erika’s rep issued a statement to Us Weekly confirming, “Jim is her lawyer and family friend for over 20 years.”

Jim seconded the statement telling the US Sun that he’s been the “XXpen$ive” singer’s “primary attorney “for some time now.”

“I’m trying to help my friend,” he explained to the outlet. “And people want to see something nefarious in that, and they want to impose a sexual relationship.”

The 72-year-old attorney allegedly helped his “sister” by lending her $500,000 to help cover her expenses and legal fees, per Page Six.

Jim further elaborated claiming that he’s known Erika for “too many years to date” and views her as more of a “sister” adding that Erika is “close with my ex-wife, she’s friends with my current wife.”

And if there was any doubt left as to where he stands within his current marriage, Jim posted a black and white photo of he and his wife, Jessica Collins, cuddled up together on Instagram mere hours after the photo of him and Erika went viral.


Jim Wilkes Confirms He's Married Amid Erika Jayne Romance Rumors

“My wife and me. Having a nice moment,” Jim captioned the selfie Tuesday of the couple in bed. Erika even gave the post a “like.”

As Erika continues to navigate the fallout from ex, Tom’s illicit embezzlement lawsuits, Jim stated that his primary goal is “to see that [Erika] survives this and then to find the people that were culpable and hold them accountable.”