Andy Cohen Suspects Raquel Was “Medicated” at Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Says Tom “Weaponized” Ariana’s Body Image Issues Against Her After “Cringe” Sex Comment

by Josh Ramsey
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Andy Cohen Suspects Raquel Was "Medicated" at Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Says Tom “Weaponized” Ariana’s Body Image Issues Against Her After “Cringe” Sex Comment

The Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion concluded on Wednesday night with Tom Sandoval’s “disgusting” T-shirt remark about his and Ariana Madix’s sex life, which was heard around the world — or at least the Bravosphere. Now, Andy Cohen is revealing his thoughts on the bombshell as well as his theory about Raquel Leviss.

During part three of the Pump Rules season 10 reunion, after Ariana stated that she and Sandoval were still intimate with one another while he was engaging in his months-long affair with Ariana’s best friend Raquel, Sandoval sarcastically quipped, “Yeah, [Madix] kept her T-shirt on. It was really hot.” The comment left his co-stars shocked and appalled.

The Watch What Happens Live host said during Thursday’s episode of his radio show, SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live, that he thinks Sandoval’s comment will “upset” and “cut women to the core.” He added, “Because I think there are a lot of people with body issues. By the way, sometimes I wear a T-shirt during sex!”

Compounding Sandoval’s offensive, off-the-cuff comment, Andy reiterated that Ariana has struggled with body image issues and low self-esteem in the past. It’s a struggle that she has mentioned publicly on several occasions.

“Ariana, herself, in past seasons of Vanderpump Rules has talked about not feeling good about her body. So, to weaponize that [was] so cringe,” he stated.

The Daddy Diaries author also touched on Raquel’s decision to come clean about the timeline of her and Sandoval’s affair completely following the taping of the season 10 reunion. She explained the lying had become “exhausting” and she hates “being deceitful.”

“It goes against everything they were both saying for the entire reunion,” Andy said. He then agreed with his cohost that it seemed Raquel was trying to stick to the “narrative” that Sandoval wanted to play out.

Andy also has a theory about Raquel’s mental state as she was filming the reunion, which caused many fans to criticize the reality star for being devoid of emotion and lacking remorse. The Bravo host thinks that Raquel may have disassociated from her Pump Rules persona as a defense mechanism.

“It was so striking when [Raquel] said in part two of the reunion when Scheana [Shay] is crying her eyes out and Raquel was like, ‘Oh maybe I should have sent her a note,’” Andy recounted. “I thought that Raquel thought she was in some simulation of being on the show, Vanderpump Rules … and suddenly everyone was paying attention to her.” He added, “I think in her mind it wasn’t real.”

“[But] they live their lives on the show, off the show, the cameras are there,” he continued. “So, I think for Scheana, everything that’s happening is her real life, and for Raquel to [only say], ‘I should have sent her a note,’ it’s…” Andy trailed off.

In a new interview, Andy shed more light on Raquel as he suspected she might have been “medicated” during the reunion.

“I was worried for Raquel’s mental health going into the reunion. I mean, I still am,” Andy told Variety in an episode of “Making A Scene.”

“But actually, when I saw how unemotional she was, it made me think she was either really medicated or really out of touch with her role in everything,” he added.

At one point in the reunion, co-star Lala Kent suggested that Raquel should be “mentally evaluated,” prompting Raquel to respond, “I am being mentally evaluated.”

Coincidentally, shortly after the reunion, Raquel made tabloid headlines as it was revealed that she had checked herself into an unspecified mental health facility for treatment, where she currently still resides.

Meanwhile, Sandoval has been keeping busy touring the country with his cover band, Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras.