Brielle Biermann Says Mom Kim Zolciak Made Her Wait in Car Until 3 a.m. as She Gambled After Driving Her 2 Hours to Out-of-State Casino, Plus Source Reveals Where She Stands Amid Parents’ Divorce

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Brielle Biermann Claims Mom Kim Zolciak Once Drove Her 2 Hours to Out-of-State Casino, Made Her Wait in The Car Till 3 AM, as Source Reveals Where Brielle Now Stands with Kroy

Brielle Biermann claimed her mom Kim Zolciak drove her two hours to a North Carolina casino, where the then-20-year-old was forced to wait in the car until three in the morning. The allegation arrived amid reports of Kim’s alleged gambling problem, which seemingly led to her financial difficulties with Kroy Biermann, who she’s now divorcing.

Meanwhile, a source revealed where the Don’t Be Tardy daughter currently stands with Kroy, who adopted her after marrying Kim. The couple’s divorce is growing more and more contentious, as both sides fight for custody of their minor children.

According to a tweet shared by @bravosnarkside on Instagram, Brielle shared a strange story about her mom.

“One time I was walking out to go to dinner [and] my mom said get in the car we’re going somewhere,” tweeted Brielle in August of 2020.

“I was like uhhh where? She said shhh secret get in,” the daughter continued. “2 HOURS LATER we end up at [a] casino in North Carolina.”

Brielle explained, “I was 20 [and] had to stay in the car the whole time:-) We were there til 3 am.”

Brielle Biermann addresses mom Kim Zolciak’s gambling in a Tweet

In an interview with Us Weekly, a source revealed where Brielle now stands with Kroy.

“Everybody knows that Brielle and Kim’s bond is unbreakable, so it was natural for her to take her mom’s side when they filed for divorce,” said the insider. “Brielle was upset initially because her mom was upset, so she unfollowed Kroy.”

“After taking some time to take a step back and reevaluate things, Brielle loves her dad, too. Kroy has been there for her in every way and has shown her nothing but love since he came into her life,” the insider continued. “So, Brielle decided to refollow him because she’s not going to take sides in her parents’ separation. She loves them both.”