RHONJ: Editor for The Sun Reveals How John Fuda’s Ex Was Actually Contacted, Denies Luis Ruelas’ Involvement After John Claimed Luis Tracked Her Down

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RHONJ: Editor for The Sun Reveals How John Fuda's Ex Was Actually Contacted, Denies Luis Ruelas' Involvement After John Claimed Luis Tracked Her Down

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An editor for The Sun revealed how John Fuda‘s ex Brittany Malsch was actually contacted for her media interview after John claimed on the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion that Teresa Giudice’s husband Luis Ruelas tracked her down.

In the interview, Brittany claimed John’s wife Rachel Fuda was throwing her under the bus as a ‘pathetic storyline’ for the show, and Rachel shared her desire to adopt Brittany’s son Jaiden. Recently, Brittany came out and slammed John’s claim that Luis contacted her.

During the dramatic RHONJ reunion, John alleged he had proof that Luis had tried to contact his ex in prison.

“I happen to know a private investigator reached out, you can’t just contact somebody in prison,” said John. “Those people happen to use a number to look up people in the system. That number was traced back to the people of Bo Dietl and I found out they were hired by him.”

Now, the receipts are being dropped.

According to an email exchange shared by @allrhonjfacts, Brittany asked Diana Cooper, an editor for The Sun Media, how she obtained Brittany’s name and information.

Diana allegedly responded, “Sorry I was on a long flight today! Media has access to a portal we look up people and you were found as relative/acquaintance of John and then court docs confirmed. It wasn’t Luis! Lol.”

In the exchange, Brittany indicated that she saw the reunion and was bewildered by John’s claims.

“I was watching them argue about the whole thing on the reunion, and I had to ask myself, ‘Is this real life? I think it’s a joke. It can’t be for real,” she allegedly wrote, via AllAboutTRH.


The editor’s clarifications don’t exactly disprove John’s claims that Luis hired a PI to track down Brittany.

Recently, castmate Jennifer Aydin said John himself triggered Brittany’s desire to speak to the press because the couple spoke so negatively about her on the show.