RHOC Recap: Tamra Confronts Jennifer Over “Tone Deaf” Post Amid Gym Closure and Apologizes to Shannon as Jennifer is Questioned Over Relationship Timeline and Ryan Vieth Returns

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RHOC Recap: Tamra Apologizes to Shannon (again) and Jenn Gets Questioned About the Timeline of her Relationship with Ryan; Plus Gina Gets Triggered By All the Infidelity Talk

Friendships and relationships were forged at Cut Fitness, but on this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, the doors are closing after nearly a decade. Before we say goodbye to the gym, Tamra hosts a farewell party, and everyone is invited.

Welp, Heathers kids are in for a rude awakening. Since their private chef is likely not going to be going with her children when they attend college, they may go into shock. Her twins are laying out the rules and explaining how they may be sleeping in hotel rooms, so not to worry if Heather sees a charge like that on her credit card. The nerve!

When asked what she will do after the twins leave for college, we learn of Heather’s hopes and dreams. She is “trying to get a presence back in L.A.,” aka, Heather is trying to get herself back into the acting groove and is hopeful there is a “space” for her somewhere. She is driven to not be known as a washed-up, has-been actress. Fingers crossed.

Cut Fitness is a shell of what it once was. Jennifer meets Tamra for a final walk-through before the farewell party happens. Jenn explains that Cut holds a special place in her heart, as she met her boyfriend, Ryan, years ago at the gym.

Tamra barely remembers what happened the night before on the boat and is nursing a helluva hangover. She blames her obscene behavior on not eating all day and drinking, which is an amateur move, especially coming from a Housewife veteran. Jenn believes that Tamra needs to give Shannon an inch and perhaps invite her to the Cut Farewell party.

Tamra likens the rift with Shannon to the rift that she once had with Jenn. If you remember, Tamra and Jenn are friends from before the show, and so they were on vacation with their (then) husbands. Tamra claims she had no idea Jenn was having an affair with Ryan, and she explains that things got weird and ugly because she wanted to hear that news from her friend first. But hey, if *they* can move on from the past, shouldn’t it be easy for Tamra and Shannon to move on?

Gina is set to take the real estate tests with Travis, her “partner on all levels.” He quizzes her on relatively easy questions, which she does not nail… Gina talks to Travis about Jenn’s affair. Gina claims she doesn’t want to judge Jenn based on her past, but Gina is uncomfortable about infidelity considering it hits close to home. It’s hard for Gina to separate herself from Jenn’s story, but she is going to try and be open-minded.

Shannon is out shopping for crystals with John, who makes her climb over to the driver’s side to exit the vehicle, so as not to bang the car door on the curb. Totally normal and totally romantic of him after three years of dating. Shannon explains that she needs some protection, and since she is a crystal lover from way back (remember, she has crystals in her teeth, duh), perusing this store is SURE to help her.

While browsing the products, Tamra FaceTimes Shannon to apologize.  Tamra blurts out a million and one excuses for her toxic behavior, and a stone-faced Shannon is leery, but she’s accepting of the sorries that Tamra is shelling out. Tamra does end up extending the invite to the Cut Fitness event, as per Jenn’s advice. Shannon really doesn’t want to attend; however, John reminds Shannon that “forgiveness is for you.”

Emily explains that since Shane is working every day (finally), she has all the pressure of taking care of the three kids by herself. Emily shares that her daughter, Annabelle, has been asking for an agent because she loves to be the center of attention, and it blows her mind that her own mother is missing out on all these moments. Emily shares that she hasn’t really been talking to her mom. She has been trying to make baby steps toward some communication since her mom does not put a lot of effort into a relationship with her or the kids.

Taylor invites Heather over, and they discuss Taylor’s upcoming acting job. Taylor explains that there is another role available for Heather, and it would be SO fun to both be on set together. Heather never thought that Taylor was serious when she was discussing this with her on the boat ride from hell, but alas, Taylor remembered. And since she knows the director, Taylor has invited Heather to Oklahoma. Heather laughs nervously and calls Taylor cute, which translates to, b*tch, I don’t need your lame acting gig — do you know who I am (or who I think I am)???

The acting coach enters, and ya’ll know that Heather is like I don’t need a coach — I’m a professional. The read-through is cringey and Taylor does the opposite of nailing it. The acting coach gives a lot of advice (that Heather already knows, of course), and it seems like Taylor has a lootttt of work to do.

It’s the Cut Fitness farewell party, and Tamra is ready to say goodbye with her family and closest friends. Taylor arrives with her husband, John, and the rest of the ladies trickle in. Gina finally gets to meet Jenn’s Ryan, and she was a bit disappointed in his height. Ouch.

Tamra’s cowboy son, Ryan, makes an appearance and shares that he has been working on a ranch for the past two years. Evidently, he feels like he has found his place in the world… finally. Tamra shares that she was thinking of buying ranch property out of state, but before she pulls the trigger, perhaps the ladies should plan a trip to a dude ranch and test out the ways of #ranchlife.

Shannon and John roll up, and Tamra once again hugs and apologizes to Shannon. Shannon needs an apology from Tamra for “everything that has happened in the last 2.5 years,” and so this apology is “to be continued.”

Gina has decided to stir the pot and talks to Heather about Jenn’s social media post. Gina wonders if there was mal intent behind it because on the post Jenn seemingly boasts that her yoga studio is still open, which is insensitive timing considering she put it up the day before the Cut closing. Seems weird.

We learn that Emily and Gina met at Cut too, and Eddie explains that the relationships built at Cut over the last nine years is going to be the hardest part of walking away. The hibachi dinner show ensues, but that doesn’t stop Gina from stirring up the pot. She thinks it was wrong of Jenn to post about still being open, and although Heather said she shouldn’t bring this up at the party, Gina simply cannot help herself. Jenn gets forced to explain herself to Tamra about the post, and Tamra wonders if Jenn is knocking her for having to close her business down. Although insensitive with the timing, even Emily feels like Gina is being a sh*t stirrer.

The gossip mill is spinning, and Detective Emily is trying to clarify Jenn’s timeline on when she met Ryan, as if it’s any of her business. Tamra shares that she was friends with Jenn’s husband first and that things got awkward when the infidelity began. Jenn claims she was in an unhappy marriage, and all of this talk about cheating triggers Gina, who states, “I’m not sitting there for let’s pretend that infidelity is OK.”

Tamra wants Jenn to be honest about when she got together with Ryan, considering she knows that the couple got caught in a car together back in October. Scandalous! Tamra feels like Jenn tells different people different stories, and to be honest, Emily is more confused after interrogating Jenn about her marriage…

To celebrate the end of nearly a decade at Cut Fitness, Emily and Tamra get into a cake fight and chase the others around the gym, like real adults do at a party. What a waste of cake!