RHONJ’s Milania Giudice Defends Luis Ruelas Against Critics, Shares What He’s Like as a “Stepfather,” and Dishes on Mom Teresa’s Relationship With Ex Joe Giudice

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Milania Giudice Defends Luis Ruelas against Critics, Calls Him “Amazing” and a “Great Stepfather,” Plus Addresses Teresa’s Relationship with Ex Joe Giudice, and What It Was Like Visiting Dad in Prison

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Milania Giudice defended Teresa Giudice’s husband Luis Ruelas, called him “amazing” and a “great stepfather,” and said this is what “everyone doesn’t know.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey daughter also shared insight into her mom’s relationship with ex Joe Giudice, and she revealed what it was like visiting him in prison.

On her mom’s Namaste B$tches podcast on PodcastOne, Milania shared what Luis is like as a stepfather. She also discussed his comment about wearing Teresa’s dad’s PJs, which she said was “a little weird.”

“That thing is still talked about,” said the teenager. “He didn’t mean it in that way … Like get over it.”

She then revealed that Luis is a “great stepfather” who’s done so much for “my sisters and I,” things that “half these men in this world” would not do.

“Luis is so amazing, and that’s what everyone doesn’t know,” Milania continued. “Like come on. You guys know [my dad] Joe … You think he’s gonna let anybody around his girls?”

The daughter also shared that Teresa has “such a good relationship” with Joe Giudice.

“They call each other. They act like siblings honestly. You guys act like little kids together,” said Milania, who gave an impersonation of her father. “He’s like, ‘Tre, you really gotta call me right now? I’m working … You always gotta bother me. I got like four little ‘Tres’ now. Leave me alone.’ That’s what he says all the time … ‘You turned my daughters into little ‘Tres.'”

She went on to say, “They’re still best friends. And you know, Luis loves my dad. They talk on the phone too.”

Milania also revealed what it was like visiting her dad while he was in prison. “My mom had to sit across from him, and we were allowed to sit next to him, and we’d play like Uno and get a whole bunch of food … from the vending machines,” she explained. “We would just laugh and like we would just talk about everything.”

“We would laugh about how my dad was in a tan suit,” Milania continued. “We made the best out of everything … We always had smiles on our faces.” But she added that there were “hard days.”