PHOTOS: Source Shares Details Behind Woman Yelling at Tom Sandoval Amid Vanderpump Rules Filming and Reveals How Production Responded in Leaked Text Message

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Source Shares Details behind Woman Screaming at Tom Sandoval in Midst of Filming, Reveals How Production Responded, and Claims Lisa and Ken “Came Later”

A source revealed details behind Tom Sandoval’s tense encounter with a Vanderpump Rules fan, who appeared to be yelling at him in the middle of a scene. At the time, cameras were up and Sandoval was speaking with Tom Schwartz – who recently landed in hot water over his previous knowledge of Sandoval’s affair with Raquel Leviss.

In the video, a woman strangely tries to insert herself into the Toms’ conversation, though the boys seem more concerned with their own talk. At one point in their discussion, Schwartz is gesturing wildly with his hands while Sandoval stares back at him, mouth open, in what seems to be shock.

An insider who was present during the chaotic series of events shared some insight into the fan’s screaming.

“I know what happened with that girl,” claimed the source, via on Instagram. “I’m not sure what she was actually yelling but production yelled at her after telling people to not say anything while filming otherwise they have to reshoot.”

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The insider explained that they couldn’t hear what the Toms were discussing because “TomTom was packed.”

The source also shared that owners Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd “came later.”

Though the nature of the Toms’ conversation is unknown, someone recently heard them discussing Greg Morris, their business partner, who previously shaded Tom while defending his ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix.

In the cryptic convo, Sandoval allegedly told Schwartz, “Greg f-cking stubs his toe and ruins everything.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is currently filming.