Psychic Allison DuBois Addresses Mauricio Affair Rumors, What She Saw in Kyle Richards’ Past Reading, & Which Costar Told Her Kyle’s Secrets, Plus Says RHOBH Stars Wanted “Appearance” of Being a “Happy Couple”

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

Psychic Allison DuBois Addresses Mauricio Affair Rumors, What She Saw in Kyle Richards’ Past Reading, & Which Costar Told Her Kyle's Secrets, Plus Says RHOBH Stars Wanted "Appearance" of Being a "Happy Couple"

Allison DuBois – the famous psychic who predicted the demise of Kyle Richards’ relationship with husband Mauricio Umansky – opened up about the couple’s alleged separation, said Kyle and Mauricio wanted the “appearance” of being a “happy couple,” and explained what she saw in her reading of Kyle 13 years ago.

According to unsubstantiated rumors, which Kyle denies, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had a relationship with country singer Morgan Wade, which allegedly led to the couple’s separation.

On the Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast, Allison addressed if she was surprised.

“People are like, can you believe it? And look at it from my perspective, I do this every day. This is my gift and my job, so can I believe it? Yeah, I can believe it. That’s what I saw. That was the impression I got when I sat with her is that the relationship was gonna be the issue for her,” she explained. “My eyes fixated on her and it was the first thing I saw and it’s what came outta my mouth. So, you know, I don’t regret it. I feel badly for them. I feel worse for the kids.”

Allison explained that her reading wasn’t negative. “It wasn’t that I was wishing her ill and I wanted to be really clear about that if they had stayed together, that would not have been a bad thing,” she said. “When that came down, it didn’t make me feel better … In the press, they’re using the word vindicated a lot. But to say vindicated would say that I needed it, that I needed that to be okay with myself and I really didn’t. … If [they] pretend stay[ing] married forever, good for them, you know, that would be their choice. And a lot of people pretend-stay married in Hollywood.”

She then addressed her prediction that Kyle and Mauricio would not have anything in common after the kids grew up.

“Even though [Portia]’s a teenager still, those last few years go really quickly, and then you’re faced to look at your life and, and your spouse, and that’s what I was sensing with those two, is that the romantic relationship was gonna run its course,” she said. “Just so you understand how picking up and impressions work: When I was seeing that, it means some of that was already happening.”

She went on to say, “So I know that over the last 13 years they’ve played, you know, very publicly, ‘Look at how happy we are.’ I just would like to make the point that when people are truly happy, they don’t have to work so hard to convince the rest of the world. And it wouldn’t have bothered her that I said what I said if it didn’t ring true to her.”

She also expressed, “I think she wanted the appearance of being the happy couple, and you know, she was an actress, and you know, throw in a little of that magic and they had reasons to stay together. They have their kids, they also were building businesses together so there’s money involved, and I think they were stronger together than they will be apart.”

Allison indicated that she would never be Kyle’s psychic (even if Kyle asked) “unless [Kyle] turned into a totally different person that was seeking sort of spiritual growth and wanting to work on herself from the inside out … Who she was back then is nobody I would ever associate with.”

She described the Kyle she met 13 years ago: “Her energy was to get somewhere. It was to make money, it was to be adored. She needed that, she needed that to fill some sort of hole inside of her. And I hope that she’s made enough and done enough where that void is full.”

Allison also described Kyle as a “social climber.”

“And I know this because I was friends with a lot of people that were on that show. I was friends with Carlton that was on the show and I lived in Beverly Hills, and Camille Grammer told me a lot of things over tequila one night,” she shared. “So I guess if I was Kyle, the person I’d be really nice to would be Camille ’cause she knows a lot about her.”

Allison was eventually asked about rumors that Mauricio allegedly had affairs.

“I lived in Beverly Hills, it’s a small town. I’ve been at parties, I’ve met people who knew him like that. So whatever they need to say to be okay with themselves … I’m I, I just, I believe there were improprieties,” she answered. “I’ll just say that I’ve met people who said that they saw him regularly. I’ll just leave it at that.”

When asked about Kyle’s rumored romance with singer Morgan, Allison expressed, “You know, she must have needed something emotionally. And I hope she found it. That’s great. If she found that with someone, she must have been needing it for a long time. You know, there was something she didn’t get from him and something he wasn’t able to provide for her. And if they find it in other places, you know, more power to them.”

When asked about her (former) friend Camille, Allison commented, “She forms friendships with people who can, who serve her purpose or can do something for her. Those are what she calls friendships. And I think we have different definitions of friendship, she and I … She’s not as approachable as people want to maybe believe. And she’s done a good job on Housewives trying to deflect from her and be the victim all the time.”

She then reacted to Kyle allegedly mocking her vape usage in the infamous clip.

“That’s basically what she’s been doing the last 13 years when it comes to me, which shows you I take up free rent in her head for the rest of her life. She’s really gotta get over that,” said Allison. “I would think she would be focusing her energy on something a little more important like her kids right now. But if you wanna mock me with a vape, go ahead.”