The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Camille Calls Dorit A Troublemaker

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    You can take the ladies out of Beverly Hills, but you can’t take Beverly Hills out of the ladies. These Real Housewives of Beverly Hills girls have no problem stirring up issue after issue and it’s only a matter of time before someone explodes.

    Dana Point, California: the scene of the 24 hour stay at Teddi’s beach house. Dorit and Teddi reminisce about how great last night was. We viewers are treated to a video reel of Kyle twerking, Camille mom-dancing, and Lisa getting flashed. Needless to say, all the women enjoyed themselves thoroughly…all but one.

    Erika checked into a hotel the night before because of her “stomach cramps.” Let’s be honest. She checked into a hotel because she couldn’t fit Mikey, her creative director, in the bedroom with her. Plus you need to count the hair and make-up guys. Oh, and the costume designers, too. It just simply wasn’t going to work. When Erika returns BACK to Teddi’s house in the morning, Kyle gives Erika the run-down on the antics from last night, yet no one seems to “want to talk about” how Erika bounced the night before. Elephant in the room much? Read more

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Dorit Kemsley’s Apology Tour

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    Let’s all come to an agreement to get rid of Dorit from The Real House of Beverly Hills and have the show solely focus on Erika Jayne and her wardrobe. TBH, this season is losing what little steam it had to begin with…

    The episode begins at Vanderpump Dogs, a pink institution full of small dogs and gay men. Basically, it’s LVP’s heaven on earth. It’s an incredible place, as they are taking in stray dogs. Just when I feel like I am connecting with LVP on a personal level, big Ken, her husband, enters and SERIOUSLY discusses the $50,000 it would cost to clone Giggy. Yes, that’s right. Insert eye roll here. Read more

    RHOBH’s Dorit Kemsley Apologizes to Camille Grammer for “Stupid” Comment: “It’s All a Blur”

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    It’s an apology that is coming a week late but better late than never right?!

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsely is apologizing to castmate Camille Grammer a week after the show’s viewers saw her get drunk and call Camille a C-U-Next-Tuesday during Kyle Richard’s dinner party. Dorit’s comments were shocking because it appeared to come out of the blue and wasn’t instigated by any actions of Camille’s.

    In her latest blog, Dorit explains what led to what she calls the “childish” and “stupid” comments she made to Camille, and also attempts to deny acting like a diva during Lisa Vanderpump’s photo shoot. Read more

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Does Anyone Like Dorit?

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    Let’s see what kind of trouble Dorit can get her big mouth into this episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    To kick off this week’s episode, Dorit shares that she was “on the cusp” of making it to the next level with her swimwear line and then POOF, she met PK. Her dream of designing itty-bitty bikinis was put on hold for a few years, but now, five years later, she’s “ready to pour her soul” into her new line. What a treat this is gonna be! Dorit just KNOWS that this is going to be a “killer” line and even introduces the new name for the company: Nava Swimwear. Dorit’s team says she has big expectations, but I think they’re just trying to say, girl, you are crazy! Read more

    RHOBH’s Camille Grammer Slams Dorit Kemsley! Calls Her Comments “Rude” and “Stupid”

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    In what can best be described as the feud no one expected or saw coming, the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills brought us Camille Grammer vs Dorit Kemsley!

    Or rather was it just Dorit making a you know what out of herself?! RHOBH viewers saw Dorit have one too many drinks during Kyle Richards’ party and for some strange reason she started to yell out insults at Camille, and even went as far as to call Camille a C-U-Next-Tuesday!

    Well Camille is now speaking out about her latest dinner from hell (she’s had quite a few of those) as she slams Dorit in her newest blog. Camille refers to Dorit as the “the Duchess of her own universe” and calls her comments ‘rude, controversial and stupid.’ She also shares her thoughts on newbie Teddi Jo Mellencamp. Read more

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Dorit vs Camille!

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    The modeling! The construction! The horses! The fighting! Yep. It’s just another episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

    Rinna is fake complaining about her life, flying into Tokyo by herself, while her wanna be Haddid daughters are busy modeling. Erika will be meeting her new bestie Rinna over in Tokyo, which seems like an odd duo, but who am I to judge? Rinna’s daughters show up to greet their mama at the airport in matching purses and Tokyo gear. They are flooded by fans, but I think it’s because the fans believe they are seeing Gigi and Bella Haddid. Rinna ACTUALLY says, “I wonder what Kris Jenner would do in this situation?” when she realizes how “big” her girls have gotten. OMG. I told you guys. Rinna is basically Keeping up with the Kardashians. Pun intended. Read more