Bethenny Frankel on Why It Was “Disgusting” of Bravo to Film Bobby Zarin’s Funeral, Plus Jill & Bethenny Claim RHONY Producers Tried to Form a Wedge Between Them Amid Feud

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Bethenny Frankel Calls Bravo “Disgusting” For Filming Bobby Zarin’s Funeral Without Jill’s Permission, Plus Bethenny and Jill Suggest Producers Attempted to Form Wedge between Them amid Feud

Bethenny Frankel called it “disgusting” that Bravo allegedly never obtained Jill Zarin’s permission to film at her husband Bobby’s funeral.

Recently, in their first one-on-one conversation in 13 years, Jill and Bethenny shared that Real Housewives of New York producers attempted to form a wedge between the co-stars, who were close friends until their dramatic feud.

“That’s literally the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard,” said Bethenny of Jill’s claim that Bravo never received her permission.

“That’s just disgusting,” she emphasized on her ReWives podcast, via Page Six. “It’s embarrassing … it’s really disgusting, it’s absolutely disgusting, that’s disgusting, and I apologize, because it was a spectacle and a circus and yes the lines are blurred.”

Jill claimed she never signed a release form to allow the network to film her on the day of the funeral, and she wasn’t aware that Bethenny would attend. As many fans know, Bethenny’s attendance resulted in an emotional heart-to-heart amid their years-long feud.

“You were there, and I was so happy, then I come downstairs and … someone says to me, ‘Bethenny wants to talk to you before she leaves,’” recalled Jill, who claimed that she noticed the cameras, but she assumed they were paparazzi as Jill “wasn’t on a mic.”

“So what you’re saying is, I f–king ambushed a funeral for reality television?” Bethenny asked.

Bethenny alleged that both Andy Cohen and producers told her that Jill approved the filming. Jill admitted she had communicated with Bravo concerning the potential filming of part of her husband’s death, but she had “no idea” the cameras captured that scene until she watched it in a commercial.

“I did want the funeral covered, but not without me knowing about it,” Jill shared. “I saw myself and you on every single f–king commercial, and the entire season was me and you making up.”

Jill explained she “might have been OK” with it if she’d been informed beforehand, though she felt “definitely taken advantage of.”

Jill and Bethenny called it a “beautiful moment,” although it could have been a “disaster” given that they hadn’t spoken in years following their feud.

Bethenny found it “disgusting” that the “ambush” might have become a “disaster.”

Jill offered the idea that her former castmates come to her home to honor Bobby in a Shiva Call following the funeral, though this never occurred.

Although the conversation was nice, it ended up fracturing their relationship more deeply because Jill believed Bethenny “used” her.

“I wanted his passing to be recognized on the show even though I was off the show and coming to pay their respects at a Shiva Call was the way to do it,” said Jill.

Bethenny said she wants to “resume a relationship” with her former friend.

Per AllAboutTRH, the women claimed producers attempted to form a wedge between the two of them.

Jill shared her belief that they would have reconciled in season four if Bethenny had stayed on the show.

However, the ‘Skinny Girl’ founder didn’t necessarily agree. “We would’ve, but it would’ve gotten dirty, and it would’ve been for the show,” she said.